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Meet Masterful Martin - Midsumma's Volunteer Coordinator

With a camera roll full of cute doggo pics and a suave British accent, we have no doubt that there will be herds of volunteers signing up to work with Martin. A people person at heart, Martin loves working his magic behind the scenes to see our queer arts and cultural industry fly.

Q: Describe yourself in three words: Friendly. Chilled. Short.

Q: What drew you to working in the arts industry?
I used to dream of being in musicals when I was a kid and at school was given the ‘Brad Pitt Award for the Student most Likely to be an Actor’ when I was 15 (the certificate was made with Word Art in Comic Sans - still absolutely a treasured possession). But quite quickly I realised I was petrified of being on stage and was much better equipped to being behind the scenes making the magic happen with a team of likeminded people.

Q: What area of your work are you most passionate about?
I am so excited about community involvement. Personal stories are powerful and I’m looking forward to listening to yours.

Q: Where is your favourite place in the world?
I’m originally from the UK and Brighton holds a special place in my heart. It’s where I was living when I came out and the queer community there were so welcoming. It’s also the first place I ever went to a Pride celebration, and I will never forget that experience.

Q: What is the future of queer arts and culture?
The limit does not exist.

Q: Best festival experience?
It’s a tie between seeing Bjork at Glastonbury and the first time I ever saw Betty Grumble perform ‘Love and Anger’ – both shows blew my mind with their unapologetic creativity and power.

Q: What is your favourite song and why?
Such a hard question to narrow down but today I think it’s ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ by Etta James, although anything in the back catalogue of Ariana Grande is up there for me!

Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Trust your gut!


Get in touch with Midsumma Festival to chat with Martin, or see more from our team by meeting Jacqui


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