2023 Midsumma Carnival Artists

Image by Evan Fowler

Take a look at some of the amazing artists who will be performing at Midsumma Carnival (11am-10pm) at the Alexandra Gardens on Sunday 22 January 2023. See Midsumma Carnival Stages for details about the program.

2Joocee - MC - Main Stage

2Joocee does it all. From singing to dancing, Hosting (according to certain apps) and more. Originally from Broome (Rubibi) in WA this small town Faboriginal has big city dreams and now lives and works on the beautiful lands of the Kulin Nation. As a First Nations plus size Queer, 2Joocee believes that visibility is still very important, even if you are likely to hear them before you see them.

2Joocee is all about love and having a great time so let’s get this party started lovelies!

Abril LaTrene (The Big D and Drag Roast'n'Rave)

Abril LaTrene is an international Host, MC & Performer, having graced stages and venues in Thailand, Bali, New Zealand and The United States.

With a passion for the colour blue, now in her 14th year of entertainment experience, Abril LaTrene brings glitz, glam, comedy to The Big D and Drag Roast'n'Rave.

Andy Balloch and Justin Porter (Gays of Our Lives)

Andy Balloch is a multi-award nominated comedy writer and performer, having been nominated for the GLOBE Artist of the year award (2017), and Green Room awards for best writing cabaret (‘Un-Wine-D’ & ‘The Butch is Back’ with Reuben Kaye).

Justin Porter is an award-nominated podcaster, a critically-acclaimed comedy performer and an experienced visual effects production manager. As a radio host for JoyFM, Justin has also trained and performed at the esteemed iO West (Los Angeles), produced and performed multiple critically-acclaimed sketch and improv shows for festivals Australia-wide over the past 6 years.

Together they were nominated for an Australian Podcast of the Year award (Best Comedy Podcast) for 'Cher & Retweet’ -2019, and have been performing their audience and critically acclaimed show ‘Gays of our Lives’ for over a year.

Aqueerius - DJ - Picnic Stage

Aqueerius is a contemporary arts producer, curator and DJ who captivates on the DJ decks with a dauntlessly creative energy. After bringing their musicality to some of the country's most iconic dance floors and festivals including Hope St Radio, Pitch, Gaytimes, Barba & Dark Mofo (to name a few), Aqueerius is ready to bring his signature style to Midsumma Carnival. Informed by his QPOC identity and eclectic taste, his sound blends together a sonic constellation of intoxicating percussion, elevating house, soaring pop melodies and hints of funk to conjure up other-worldy joy.

Ayebatonye - DJ - Main Stage

Since 2011, Sydney-based DJ, producer and visual artist AYEBATONYE has been cultivating environments that celebrate the empowered and liberated spirit. The development of AYEBATONYE’s sound within the last decade has brought together threads a variety of sonic and energy inspirations, weaving together in cohesion. Her sets, built upon a myriad sonic influences from traditional and contemporary percussion; through to Classic House, Techno, Jersey Club, Chicago and Detroit House and more, exemplify that AYEBATONYE is an artist who thrives in operating in many different worlds. A broad world outlook has been something AYEBATONYE has had from an early age. As a child growing up in Sydney, the daughter of Nigerian parents who had feet planted firmly within their community and also in growing a business in Newtown, AYEBATONYE was exposed early to how music and art could manifest in a whole spectrum of emotions and colours. Musically, it would be artists like Fela Kuti and Tracy Chapman who would form AYEBATONYE’s first music memories as a child. As she grew up, artists like Prince, Bob Marley, even Tegan And Sara would leave their mark on AYEBATONYE during this formative period of her life. The freedom – both in terms of music and identity expression – these artists proudly harnessed proved to be impactful on AYEBATONYE, setting her own path to artistry with clarity and curiosity.

To view AYEBATONYE’s artistry now, it’s clear to see where her passions lay. In the marriage of such eclectic and bold sounds through her DJ sets; the way she balances humour with nuance and reality through film; and the way she platforms both the queer and POC communities in Australia, AYEBATONYE views art in all it forms as being universal and accessible to all.

Bae Marie (Queer-aoke)

Bae Marie (Alex Morris) combines their extensive experience as a vocal educator and performer as well as their camp, crazy and sometimes crass brand of drag to create interactive experiences for the young and… not so young!

Bella Nitrate (Woman of SALT)

Facing criticism for being one of the first biologically female drag queens(AFAB queens) Melbourne's drag scene had experienced, Bella was determined to break the mould and create a lasting imprint on the scene. And she certainly has.

Performing on almost every Melbourne drag stage since her career began in 2012, Bella's true passion is to entertain the masses if only to distract them from the reality of everyday life for a few minutes. Throw in some glitter, crazy costumes, big hair and a whole lot of fun, pretty much sums up this lady. Making her Midsumma debut in 2023 with her show- “Woman of SALT”.

Brenda Bressed (An Evening with Brenda)

Brenda is the darling of classic, breath-taking drag and dazzles audiences with her impeccable vocal stylings, and looks to match! She has brought her vocal stylings to the local 'Red Hill Hotel' in the regional town of Chewton (Castlemaine) with her sell out shows of 'Brenda's Boozy Bingo' and has graced the stage during 'Ballads by Brenda' at The 86 Cabaret Bar -Fitzroy. Brenda has also been spotted down on the Mornington Peninsula, at 'Gods Kitchen', singing the house down at sold out 'Dragged to Bingo’, performs monthly at ‘A Sunday Affair’ - Pride of our Footscray, and has just begun her residency at ‘The Amazing Grace’ in Cranbourne, debuting her new cabaret; ‘Drag Ditties’. She was also honoured to have her very first self-produced show ‘An Evening with Brenda’ at the 2022 Melbourne Fringe Festival, and is very excited to be bringing the show back better than ever for Midsumma 2023!

Christopher Fieldus (Devastating Beauty)

Gentlefemme cabaret queen Christopher Fieldus has been bringing their work to the stage since 2016, formerly under the guise of Ms CeCe Rockefeller, weaving together original prose poetry and an eclectic musical repertoire.

Their voice “a glorious fusion of Kate Bush and James Blake” (Aussie Theatre), Christopher has performed on stages all over Melbourne, and toured to Adelaide Fringe and Sydney Mardi Gras. In 2019 their third hour of cabaret, Somebody's Somebody, was selected for Playwriting Australia’s Post-Production program.

In 2022, they premiered Devastating Beauty at The Butterfly Club, marking a distinct change of direction for the seasoned performer.

Dandrogyny - MC - Main Stage (A Composting Cabaret)

Dandrogyny (AKA Daniel Newell) is a physical theatre practitioner, maker, performance artist, educator and graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts. Cat-walking the fine-eyeliner of the pop cultural and political, Daniel’s work can be defined as creatively chaotic and cathartic, often outing itself as homo-erratic.

Having performed in over twenty countries, highlights include working with ABC’s - You Can’t Ask That, Melbourne Festival (solo and with Taylor Mac), Melbourne Museum, Dance Massive, Arts House, Sydney Opera House, Bollywood Film, Opera Australia, Honcho Disko ( hosting Brooke Candy & Amanda Lepore ), Dark MOFO's Blacklist Party, Gaytimes Festival ( and many other Queer Parties ), SWAY, (former Strange Fruit Productions), Circus Oz, All the Queens Men, Shelley Lasica, Deanne Butterworth, Joel Bray, Phillip Adams Balletlab, Rafael Bonachela and Kylie Minogue. Through dance and experimental performance art, Daniel has created solid prominence within 'so-called Australia’s' queer ecology with character DANDROGYNY.

‘Drodge’ at their core, playfully calls us to notice the performed nature of hyper masculinity and its toxic implications. Daniel is currently creating NED KYLIE a theatrical slur exploring Aussie iconography, queering national treasures and exploring “Australian” fragilities through Performance Art.

DANDROGYNY is a proud, defiant, charismatic, subversive party favourite who, with fierce [hi]-visibility leaves a neon trial of desire on every dance floor, ALWAYS!

A recent creative resident at Footscray City College ( Creative Workers in Schools - Regional Arts Victoria ) and Abbotsford Convent ( Pivot 2 ) - Daniel is currently in residence at Chunky Move & Warrnambool Art Gallery; they are also a Lead / Inclusion Artist of Drama & Embodiment at St Martins Youth Theatre Company and Physical Theatre at The University of Melbourne - Victorian College of the Arts.

Darby James (Spunk Daddy)

Darby James is a storyteller, comedian and songwriter based in Melbourne / Naarm. His recent works include Post: A New Musical (Something Blue Productions, 2019), Songs of the Northern River (The MC Showroom Hatchery Sponsorship 2019) and Protein (Autonomous Inventions, 2021).

DAWS - DJ - Picnic Stage

A burgeoning addition to the UK and staple of Naarm/Melbourne’s electronic music scene, DAWS is a favourite for bringing local and international sounds together as a DJ, and emerging as a salient producer of refreshing and intoxicating dance music. With a bashful yet friendly demeanour and an unquenchable love for queer spaces and local dance music community, DAWS is well regarded as a go-to for outstanding sets that highlight her finest talents and traits, signalling an intimacy with the dancefloor along with a rich knowledge for dance music. Her adaptive mixture of multi-genre sounds combined with an obsession for classic and modern house music has seen her play a smorgasbord of some of the most prolific queer and underground electronic music parties including Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and Pitch Music and Arts in 2022. With the closure of club and event spaces during 2020, DAWS was able to ignite her career as a producer and gained international attention for her original releases on local collectives, with support on NTS, Rinse FM, BBC Radio 1, Dublab, along with clips of her tracks being played across some of the hottest festival sets of the summer. She also solidified her talent as a producer and DJ when she experimented with new sounds to produce her side project ADHD edits; a number of vibrant club ready edits and remixes of her favourite pop songs which all raised money for local charities. Since the release of her originals and edits, DAWS has continued to cultivate her sound and grow as an artist. Her debut EP is set to release in both physical and digital forms on UK-based house music mainstay Hot Haus Records later this year. The four track EP exudes euphoric feeling and energy to weave across dancefloors regardless of night or day, and is a glimpse of her impending impact and influence as a producer. With a fresh move to a new city, abundance of exciting new music lined up, and a busy schedule, DAWS is working hard to continue growing her audience and has already been noted as one of the most exciting up and coming artists to keep an eye on.

D Flowers - Performer / Drag Royalty - Main Stage

D Flowers is THE diva of Melbourne. She’s been commanding stages all over the world for over a decade with her non-stop energy, fierce live mixes, and signature sparkle!

Now… Are you ready to be D Flowered?!

Free Entertainment - Performer / Band - Picnic Stage

Free Entertainment is Naarm’s newest hyper-rock supergroup. This soon-to-be global touring act is made up of the original health goth, Caitlin Cunningham, swoon-inducer, Dark Jamie, sensitive new age loverboy, Charlie Saint-Alan, deep-web party-starter, Samwise, and future EGOT, Willing. Cumming together to provide entertainment for the masses, they make stadium rock on a shoestring budget.

Having debuted to general acclaim earlier this year at Gaytimes Festival, Free Entertainment are now catapulting toward the stars with their debut single, Better Part of Me. Indeed, the queer community (in addition to every single member of the general public) now await their first mix tape with bated breath. Industry gossip and seances with various seers reveal their schedules will soon fill up with headline spots at most major European Festivals.

If you’re looking for an act that will leave the dance floor pulsing, this is it. If you’re praying for a band that will get every lighter in the air, this is it. If you’re begging on your knees for the future of pop-rock, this is it.

Featuring lashings of charisma, mind-blowing beats, anthemic hooks and looks direct from Paris Fashion Week, Free Entertainment, will be the talk of any pub, festival or playlist.

The only question that remains…. how much would you pay for FREE ENTERTAINMENT?

Gay Roberto - DJ - Main Stage

An infamous Narrm-based queer scene underground DJ known for top-shelf DJ sets. Crossing seamlessly and lovingly between eras and styles with a precise flow and using edits to create bespoke experience of the state of the art of timeless House music. Not to mention his contagious charisma pouring out of the booth with the euphoric harmonic resonance of his track selections.

House of Dévine - Ballroom - Main Stage

The Kiki House of Dévine (HOD) is a Ballroom house based in Naarm founded by the overall mother Kianna Dévine Oricci. Since HOD’s emergence in 2019 the house has trail blazed the the development of the Naarm ballroom scene through balls, classes, community events and community engagement. HOD now has grown to a family of 16 between Naarm and Eora that continues the culture and legacy of Ballroom.

Jandruze - DJ - Picnic Stage

Jandruze is an Australian drag artiste, designer and DJ who has taken both the realms of international cabaret and the queer underground by storm. Described as both “impossibly gorgeous” and a “master of their craft” - over the past decade they have carved out their place as the premier non-binary sensation of the Australian stage.

A staple of the vibrant Naarm club scene, they collaborate regularly with such events as BARBA Party, HONCHO DISKO, Thick’n’Juicy and Poof Doof amongst a host of others and major credits include extensive touring with YUMMY Productions (London, Edinburgh, Auckland and throughout Australia), RISING Festival (Melbourne) and Sydney Mardi Gras (Sydney), DARK MOFO (Hobart) - as well as collaborations with both independent artists and major institutions such as Tanzer, Lee Serle, Antony Hamilton, The Huxleys, Chunky Move, NGV, ACCA and Holly Durant to name but a few.

Their strong background in contemporary dance is a major influence on their work as a DJ. Utilising a wide palette of genre and styles Jandruze wields the decks as a form of choreography for the dancefloor - and you'd better believe that fun is the first item on the menu.

Jayden Masciulli, Simon Hawkings and Allen Dorsey (Am I Doing This Right?)

Jayden, Simon and Allen are three rising stars of sketch and improv comedy, but most of all - they’re besties! With screen (Summer Love, The Inbestigators), sketch (Hit By A Blimp, KIWIFRUIT: An Autobiography), stage (the American Musical and Dramatic Academy) and improv (The Improv Conspiracy) experience between them, their high-energy and relatable brand of queer comedy isn’t afraid to skewer societal norms, while still poking fun at a Ryan Murphy show or two.

Jinkies, Belial B’Zarr, Randy Roy and The Birthday Girl (DICE)

DICE stands for “Diverse, Inclusive, Creative, and Extraordinary” event which is aimed at creating a safe space full of representation and accessibility. DICE performers aim to represent a wide variety of communities including: Transgender, AFAB, BIPOC, drag queens, kings and in-betweens, burlesque and all kinds of other art forms from emerging and established performers.

Josh Sanders (Ziegfeld Boy - Le Jazz Hot)

Josh’s most recent performing credits include; Saucepan-man in ‘Magic of the Faraway Tree’ (Creative Souls/Adelaide Festival Centre); The Emcee in 'Cabaret' (Ballarat Cabaret Fesitval); Keno in ‘The Full Monty’ (StageArt); Cosme McMoon in ‘Glorious’ (HIT Productions) and; Rooster Hannigan in ‘Annie’ (MAT QLD Tour). A passionate theatre creator, Josh has created a number of new theatrical works including ‘Change Partners; the new Astaire Rogers Musical’, ‘Blinky Bill; and Australian Musical’ as well as his one man cabaret ‘Give it to Me Straight’. Most recently, Josh wrote, produced and performed in ‘Sugarbabies’ and ‘Scoundrels’ as part of Midsumma Festivals in 2019 and 2021.

Julai - Performer/Singer - Main Stage

Hailing from the south eastern suburbs of Naarm, JULAI, the proclaimed BADDEST of the baddest is a rising voice amongst the city’s underground queer scene — from their expression, to music and performing on stage, JULAI represents his community and Pasifika identity unapologetically in a way that screams individuality, power and strength.

KHYA aka 𝕸𝖆𝖒𝖆𝖈𝖎𝖙𝖝 - Performer / Singer - Picnic Stage

With a voice that gives a pure sensual siren aura, accompanied by beautiful stripped back productions that explore delicate qualities of 90s rnb. This multi disciplinary artist brings something fresh to the table as she draws her inspiration from Ballroom to the stage giving performances that feel like a daydream. KHYA has new music set to be released in the new year of 2023.

Kitty Obsidian - NAIDOC Pride Winner 2022

Fierce, fat and fAborigional! Kitty Obsidian is a proud Australian First nations perfromer & staple in the burlesque community travelling world wide! Hailed as agressivly queer, this non-binary finery picks up tag lines, admirers & hilarious sex stories no matter were they go. Recently back from there EU tour, they have been gifted with such lines as "the demon from down under" and "kitty tells the best sex toy stories".

Specialising in sideshow & fetish burlesque their wicked grin & golden fangs will seduce you to the dark side. Watch out - this kitty has claws!

Lazy Susan - MC - Picnic Stage

Lazy Susan was born as a sentient pile of trash in the streets of Melbourne, Australia. Despite facing challenges and discrimination due to her unique appearance, she never let it get her down. Instead, she used her love of the performing arts to rise above it all and become a beloved drag queen in the city.

As Lazy Susan, she became known for her humorous and irreverent performances, always bringing a sense of fun and joy to her audience. She quickly gained a reputation as one of the most entertaining drag queens in Melbourne, and her shows were always packed with fans eager to see her unique brand of comedy.

*As a recognition of queer labour, Lazy Susan has opted to have her bio written entirely by AI and as such should not be held accountable for information found above.

Le Freak

Le Freak is the retelling of sideshow from the inside by trans, queer, disabled and sex worker performers.

Le Freak is a celebration of the freak, the weird, the different. A stage where the wild and silly can be the profound, joy is practiced as a radical act of dissidence and the audience is invited to feel uncomfortable but excited.

A tonic for these times and the spoonful of sugar that helps the revolution go down.

Lucy Best - MC - Main Stage (Lucy Best Presents Queer Comedy)

Lucy Best is a Melbourne based British comedian, writer, actor, and producer. Lucy regularly performs stand up comedy, cabaret, music and theatre around Australia and internationally. In 2019 Lucy launched regular variety nights showcasing some of Australia's finest performers from the LGBTIQA+ communities, which she continues to produce and perform at. Her first solo show, Disgraceful was critically acclaimed and will be touring in 2023. Be sure to check out Lucy Best's hilarious hot takes on themes of feminism, mental health, social justice, sex positivity and gender and sexual diversity.

Max Lawrence (Fountain)

Naarm based musician Max Lawrence creates larger-than-life art pop, blending electronic grooves with orchestral textures; capturing the expansive and detailing the intimate.

Inspired by Kate Bush, Bjork, James Blake and Moses Sumney, Lawrence’s audiovisual landscapes blur the line between intimacy and fantasy, shaping worlds that are grounded in reality, yet extend upon it.

Melbourne Rainbow Band (MRB @ Pride Centre)

Founded in 1995, the Melbourne Rainbow Band is a concert band made up of around 40 players from all corners of the LGBTIQ+ community. The MRB’s repertoire is as diverse as its members playing music from movies, musicals and TV, pop, rock, jazz, classical and everything in between.

The Melbourne Rainbow Band perform two ticketed showcase concerts each year, along with various community performances including Midsumma Carnival and Pride March. The band welcomes players of all skill levels with a basic ability to read music, no audition required.


Milo aka That Fat Diva is THE body of Melbourne’s queer club performing arts scene. Just like the drink, she is served well at any time and in any way, and will be guaranteed to give you an absolute SHOW DARLING!

Mon Franco - DJ - Picnic Stage

Mon Franco (she/they) is a queer Filipino DJ/music producer and curator of Open Seen, a party for QT/BIPOC communities. Mon takes you on a journey with agile cross-genre sets and dance-floor chaos. She finds energy in empowering lyricism and club culture influenced by euphoric house beats, disco hits and necessary rnb throwbacks.

Mystic Moira (Fruit Cake Comedy)

Hailing from the hills of Byron Bay the fabulous Mystic Moira is a box wine drinking, card reading, crystal dealing healer. Connecting to the source of love through the 5g networks to bring you the answers you need to hear. After completing a two day spiritual healing work shop she now has the powers to read your destiny from her special bowl of cards and if you’re lucky you may just get to experience one of her soulful sound healings.

NayNay - DJ - Main Stage

NayNay is a DJ and Radio host from Naarm/Melbourne who specialises in Afro, Latin and various worldly related sounds. Her Afrocentric taste explores Tribal house, Amapiano, to the realms of Deep & Soulful House, Tech House to high energy dance tracks.

As a true raver and avid music lover, NayNay is not afraid to experiment with the crowd. Showing her audience her love and passion for music in her sets. She continues this in her podcast and radio show segment with Area3000.

NayNay has made her mark in the Australian music scene in a very short space of time with appraisal from Triple J, PBS, FBI radio and many more. Performing in major festivals, events & clubs all across Australia, NayNay continues to showcase her love and passion for music constantly. Her contagious sound will keep you coming back for more.

Nina Ferro (JUDY • AUSTRALIA • 1964)

Nina Ferro is an International multi award-winning singer, songwriter, session and recording artist with a powerful, evocative voice, impressive vocal range and captivating stage presence. Nina has made guest appearances on ARIA award winning albums and appeared on TV, radio and in print media across the globe. Nina opened as the special guest artist for Tony Bennett, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Juanes and Grammy Award winning industry legends Gregory Porter, Charles Aznavour and Neil Sedaka. You’ll find Nina’s vocal talents on Film & TV shows such as Dancing With The Stars, The Masked Singer, Australia’s Got Talent, X Factor, I Mother (Netflix). Not to mention wowing not only the judges but also Aussie audiences when she appeared on Season 5 of The Voice Australia (2016).

Onyx - DJ - Picnic Stage

Committed club rat and party enthusiast, Onyx has been making noise in the Naarm underground queer club scene since 2016. With roots in jazz and hardcore drumming they have a deep understanding and love for all things loud and percussive. They are known for their rich and powerful sets of thumping, euphoric and erotic beats that effortlessly traverse between roof-raising house and garage, industrial breaks, electro dirge and deep rave nrg. Onyx has brought their sounds to dancefloors such as LE FAG, Gaytimes Festival, Shandy, Revolver, Honcho Disko, Outpost and Confide.

Peppy Smears (Bowie Ball)

Drag provocateur and cabaret queen Peppy Smears is a creative culmination hailingfrom the worlds of opera, musicals and independent theatre who will make your dadask questions. Born in Tasmania, and borne of the drag scene in Melbourne, Peppydraws inspiration from icons such as Annie Lennox and David Bowie with asprinkling of Elton John. They can often be found on the cabaret circuit workingwith the likes of Tash York, Dolly Diamond, Bradley Storer and more. Peppy is aglam-drogynous painted man armed with puns, sass and a touch of crass.

Polymorphs // Movement Décor roving at Midsumma Carnival

Nondescript beings interrogate the Polymorphic Utopia; A multiform dreamscape. It’s inhabitants drift through lostness, certainty, simplicity, and complexity as they distinguish their environment, themselves, and their reality.
Featuring costume design by @halomoon_ and performers: @sure.kha, @masonmkelly, @darci_orourke and @dame________________________
‘Polymorphs’ is a recontextualised rendition of theatre-based performance work ‘Polymorphic Utopia’, which was originally commissioned by Dancenorth in 2022 under the Tomorrow Makers program, supported by the Ian Potter Foundation.
Video / Image features Felix Sampson, Sabine Crompton-Ward, Michael Smith, and Nelson Earl.

Robert Baxter - Performer / Singer - Main Stage

Robert Baxter is a performing artist based in Naarm. They have been writing and producing confessional pop songs since they were 16. Robert recently released the new single ‘Twenty Something’ which was well received, featuring on FBi Radio and SYN’s The Hoist, and is now turning their online presence into a unique live music experience. They want to create feelings of nostalgia but rewritten, to feature the beauty of queer and POC people. 

S.E. Grummett (Something in the Water)

S.E. Grummett (they/them) is a queer, transgender theatre artist from Treaty 6 Territory (that’s the flat part of Canada). Over the past 5 years, Grumms has created a body of original queer work and toured it around the world, including Canada, US, UK, and Australia. They are the co-creator of “SCUM: a manifesto”, “Girl in the Box”, “Pack Animals” and “Creepy Boys”. Their solo-show, “Something in the Water", won Best Theatre at the Adelaide Fringe and recently returned from a run at the prestigious Summerhall venue at the Edinburgh Fringe.

They are so excited to be returning to Melbourne – where they spent many of the early months of the pandemic wandering around looking at the weird birds.

Silk - Performer / Drag Royalty - Main Stage

Silk (she/her) is Melbourne’s -only- fashion queen. Hailing from the U.K., she has harboured a wealth of knowledge with regards to style. She enjoys subverting people’s expectations of what they believe a fashion queen’s capabilities are by showcasing personality and humour as well as looks.

Stereogamous - DJ - Main Stage

jonny seymour / stereogamous is a non binary music producer, curator, broadcaster, sound stylist, animal liberationist, vegan, queer activist, deep agathist, good hugger and major collaborator.

They work with artists & institutions across many disciplines including dance, film, design, theatre, song & experimental art forms.

They produce music under various aliases including stereogamous (with Paul Mac) and has worked with artists such as George Michael, Kylie, Grace Jones, RÜFÜS, Sia, The Presets, Brendan Maclean, Electric Fields, Jamaica Moana and Shaun J Wright.

They have performed at major festivals including Glastonbury, Burning Man, Sydney Mardi Gras, Pride festivals from New York, Berlin, Finland and even Hobart as well as iconic clubbing institutions Berghain & Horse Meat Disco

They are resident & co curator at Queerbourhood, a weekly LGBTIQA performance night at The Bearded Tit, running for over seven years, voted Sydney's best neighbourhood bar. They are a founder and resident of Club Kooky (with DJ Gemma) Sydney's longest running club night dedicated to queer performance and music & also part of the Voguey Bear & Trough collectives.

They are a friend of Carriageworks and collaborate with cultural institutions such as The Powerhouse Museum, The Prada Foundation, Performance Space, Sydney Mardi Gras, Force Majeure, The Red Rattler, National Gallery of Victoria, 107 Projects, Belvoir Street and Sydney Theatre Company.

They are music director for several fashion houses, labels & events including Sydney Fashion Week, Melbourne Fashion Festival, Jenny Kee, Mary Katrantzou, Romance Was Born, Philip Treacy, Akira Isogawa, Carla Zampatti, Camilla and many more. They have collaborated on works exhibited in Parsons School of Design (NYC) , Galleries Lafayette (Paris) The Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Art Gallery of New South Wales

They bring over a quarter of a century of lived experience of night-time culture, surviving the AIDS epidemic, the generational and gentrification shifts in community spaces, and the intrinsic importance of music in all these intersections. For queer community music is one of our ephemeral but essential safe spaces. Reinterpretation of queer anthems and sacred songs are woven into every dj set

Their mission is to collaborate, coproduce, conspire and collude in all mediums, sharing platforms for inducing positivity & resonating joy for all. They are thrilled to be a part of the Carnival celebrations for Midsumma and will have hugs available all day.

"How have Queer spaces shaped your practice/personal life?"

Queer spaces have nurtured, informed, healed and saved my life. A rich personal history from the Stronghold (a clandestine gay leather bar operating in the 90s) to The Bearded Tit, the queerest bar on the planet, today. “community” behaviour has been brave, resilient, generous, intelligent, caring and supportive. Gratitude and respect are the foundations of my deep belief in these truly sacred spaces.


The Shanties Choir (Wet and Wild)

Inspired by TikTok’s #1 viral trend of 2021, which saw sea shanties catapulted back into pop culture and rocketing up the charts, ten of Melbourne’s finest indie choir performers are putting a modern pop spin on these folk classics in a spectacular live performance.

Tilly Capulet - Performer / Drag Royalty - Main Stage

Tilly Capulet has escaped from a Baz Luhrmann movie to leap “straight” into your dreams. With a camp mix of theatre, fashion and stupidity, this mustached-mistress examines the age old question, to she or not to she? Tilly exploded into the drag world with her creation MAUSOLEUM, an online celebration of indie drag. This Shakesqueerean tragedy can be seen all over Naarm in a queer establishment near you.

Tinika - DJ - Main Stage

With over 4 years in Melbourne's music scene, Tinika has become renowned for her distinctive taste and adventurous track selection, spanning the many genres that she grew up influenced by and has come to love throughout her life. Tinika is fortunate enough to be a prominent figure in the Melbourne queer music scene and greatly values the communities that she has become part of in her journey, that allows her to draw on her intersecting identities to uplift underrepresented people, and have fun whilst doing it.

Zelda Moon - MC - Picnic Stage

Zelda Moon was born on a distant planet in the far reaches of outer space, and from a young age, she displayed extraordinary abilities. As she grew older, she discovered that she was not only a talented drag queen, but also a powerful goddess of time, able to manipulate the flow of time itself. Using her abilities, Zelda traveled across the galaxy, performing as a drag queen and using her powers to help those in need. She became known as a fierce and talented performer, with elaborate, space-themed costumes and makeup that left audiences in awe. In addition to her performances, Zelda also used her powers to protect the galaxy, becoming a hero and an inspiration to all who met her.

* As a recognition of queer labour Zelda Moon has opted to have her bio written entirely by AI and as such should not be held accountable for information found above.

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