2023 Midsumma Pride March Artists

Pride March 2022 - photo by Suzanne Balding

Take a look at some of the amazing artists who will be performing at the post-march celebrations for Midsumma Pride March in Catani Gardens on Sunday 5 February 2023 (11am-4pm). See Midsumma Pride March Stages for details about the program.

Alex Morris (he/him)

You'd be hard pressed to find a dancefloor that this hot mess has not yet landed on. Alex Morris is a sesh gremlin that’s taken his love of dance music into the DJ booth. He's made a name for himself spinning high energy sets with a presence behind the console to match.

With a background in classical composition, a love of techno and a penchant for camp house classics, Alex Morris will be sure to put you in a mood.

Alex is a regular at one of Melbourne’s longest running queer parties CLOSET as well as LUST, Homo Erotica and Barba. You’ll catch him regularly at a variety of venues around Naarm including Revolver Upstairs, Poof Doof and Sircuit. He's had the pleasure of spinning tracks in Perth, Sydney and Hobart with a recent appearance at the Sydney Opera House.

Alex is a composer, arranger, choral conductor and vocal coach but you may have also caught his drag alter ego Bae Marie lurking in a dark corner of the club.


JARV!S is a queer DJ based in Naarm who is ready to take you on a ride around the world, through the decades and into range of genres - with one goal, to have you on your feet.

Known for his high energy and playful presence behind the decks, JARV!S’ sound can not be pinned down to one genre but you can always expect him to introduce you to gyrating balearic, thumping disco and sexy house tracks, and lots of queer classics.

MGLC: Melbourne Gay & Lesbian Chorus

Melbourne Gay & Lesbian Chorus is the southern hemisphere's founding LGBTQIA+ choir. MGLC have been associated with Pride March from the very beginning and this year, they’re making a comeback to the Pride March stage to strut their stuff for you!

MGLC sings strengthened by our common struggles, as we bring our music to the queer community and allies to celebrate diversity and pride.

Michelle Parsons (she/her)

Michelle Parsons is a name known to many in the LGBTIQ community of Melbourne, because she's been impressing and entertaining us for over 25 years. Often referred to as a our own Melissa Etheridge, a Dykon and a crowd pleaser, she's been a regular at Midsumma Festival's Goddess Grooves and Carnival Day as well as Daylesford's Chillout Festival. She's played every Melbourne lesbian venue and event to have come and gone since the 90s and has gathered a legion of loyal fans along the way. It's been twenty years since she last graced the Pride March stage and she can't wait to be back with a set that will rock ya sox off.

Milo Hartill

Milo aka That Fat Diva is THE body of Melbourne’s queer club performing arts scene. Just like the drink she is served well at anytime and in any way, and will be guaranteed to give you an absolute SHOW DARLING!

The Beryls - Emcees

The Beryls are character comedians and drag superstars Patrick Dwyer & Laura Trenerry. They create immersive, high-stakes, off-the-wall theatre.

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