Midsumma Carnival 2020 Maps

Midsumma Carnival 2019 - photo by Rod Ceballos

Map of Midsumma Carnival precinct

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Cycling Detours

Due to severe congestion within Alexandra Gardens, cyclists will not be able to use the southern branch of the Main Yarra Trail (Capital City Trail); even walking your bike won't be feasible at times. Instead, you should either detour via St Kilda Rd or cross to the Main Yarra Trail on the northern bank of the river. However, the northern trail will be impacted by congestion from Australian Open activities. To take the St Kilda Rd detour you should cross the Swan St Bridge on the non-CBD side, use the pedestrian lights to cross to The Tan and follow that briefly, then use the separated cycling path in Linlithgow Ave to take you to St Kilda Rd.

Check out which stalls will be waiting to welcome you on 19 January

Midsumma Carnival Stall Locations

Check out what's happening on the various Midsumma Carnival stages

Midsumma Carnival Stages

Details of the accessible facilities provided at Midsumma Carnival

Midsumma Carnival Accessibility

All the goss on the iconic Midsumma Carnival Dog Show

Midsumma Carnival Dog Show

Answers to some commonly asked questions about Midsumma Carnival

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