Midsumma Carnival 2022 Stall Locations

Image: Rod Ceballos - Midsumma Carnival 2019

There are two main stall blocks: the Sports Precinct at the St Kilda Rd end of the park and the main Stalls Village at the other end, in the Picnic Precinct. The stalls are listed alphabetically and the organisation name is included in brackets when it differs from the stall name:

  • STALLS VILLAGE: a grid reference is listed in brackets, where a letter indicates the row and a digit shows the column within the Stalls Village Map (PDF 58 KB; zoom in to see the details).
  • SPORTS PRECINCT: the reference in the brackets indicates where the stall is located within the North (river) or South (Alexandra Ave) side - see Sports Precinct Map (PDF 44 KB).

Alphabetical List of Stalls


Principal Partners
Major Partners
Gold Partners