Midsumma Pride March 2020 FAQs

Midsumma Pride March 2019 - Photo by Suzanne Balding

Why does the march start at 11am?

Because Midsumma Pride March occurs usually in summer, the possibility of extreme heat conditions on the day of the march is always present. In order to minimise the risk to the health and well-being of marchers, volunteers, staff and crowd members should extreme heat conditions prevail, we have moved the march forward to 11am.

Is food available?

Both the Ian Johnson Oval (marshalling area) and Catani Gardens (post-pride celebrations) will have food options to appeal to all. Fitzroy St and surrounds are also home to fantastic cafes and restaurants.

Can I BYO alcohol to Midsumma Pride March?

The City of Port Phillip prohibits drinking or holding an open container of alcohol along the St Kilda foreshore precinct from 1 November to 31 March inclusive. Midsumma Festival has a special licence to provide alcohol within the Midsumma-operated bar in Catani Gardens until 4pm on Sunday 2 February, but no BYO alcohol is permitted.

Can I join the end of the Pride March?

Yes, at the conclusion of the March, the General Public are invited to follow the final marchers into Catani Gardens.

How do I register to march?

Registrations for Midsumma Pride March close in early December. Due to the extensive planning that takes place in the lead-up to Pride March, we cannot accept registrations on the day to march. However, the General Public are invited to follow the final marchers into Catani Gardens. Subscribe to the Midsumma eNews to hear about registrations for future Pride Marches.

How do I stay cool at Midsumma Pride March?

As Midsumma Pride March is held in the middle of summer it is important to remember to Slip, Slop, Slap and stay hydrated. BYO bottle and refill at our free water stations located at both the Ian Johnson Oval (assembly area) and Catani Gardens (post-pride celebrations).

Are pets allowed?

Pets are welcome at Midsumma Pride March. As the event is held in an outdoor space in the middle of summer, we highly recommend taking the necessary precautions to ensure your pet is protected from the heat and stays hydrated. With all that in mind, the safest place from extreme heat for your pet is at home.

Can I film/ photograph/ interview people?

If you are working for a media organisation and intend to use film, photography or interviews of participants or performing artists for content, please get in touch with Felicity McIntosh, Midsumma's Marketing Manager, at [email protected] to request Media Accreditation.

If you are capturing memories for personal use or your personal social media posts, we ask you to please be respectful and ask permission of your subjects before doing so.

When is Midsumma Pride March?

Dates for the 2020 Festival are listed in Midsumma Festival Dates each year as soon as they have been locked in, which usually happens in late February or March. The 2020 Midsumma Pride March will be held on Sunday 2 February.

Why are corporations involved in Midsumma Pride March?

Many corporations and businesses participate in Pride Marches across the world. The two most common reasons that businesses participate in Midsumma Pride March are to empower their LGBTQIA+ employees to show Pride and feel safe within their workplace, and to demonstrate to the general public that their business is queer-friendly. Businesses will not march ahead of queer advocacy and gender-and-sexuality-diverse-representative groups. No businesses pay to be part of Midsumma Pride March.

Why are Police at Midsumma Pride March?

Victoria Police play an important role in the safe delivery of Midsumma Pride March. As with all of Victoria's large-scale events, organised protests and parades, Police officers are present to monitor and deal with threats of violence, terrorism and any situations that may become unsafe. Victoria Police also have a presence in the Parade itself, as part of their work in building mutual trust between police and LGBTQIA+ peoples, and as part of their internal pride for Victoria Police employees who identify as LGBTQIA+.

What is Midsumma's role in organising Midsumma Pride March?

In 2015 Midsumma become the custodians of Victoria's Pride March when the body Pride March Victoria, who had organised the March since its inception, folded. As Victoria's leading Festival for and by LGBTQIA+ peoples, Midsumma is proud to deliver this vital event, which takes yearlong planning and significant resourcing. Midsumma is always looking for ways to improve it in response to Victoria's diverse, dynamic and ever-growing queer communities. We welcome feedback about Midsumma Pride March!

Is Midsumma Pride March family friendly?

Midsumma Pride March is a family friendly event that appeals to individuals of all ages. Families are warmly welcome to participate in the March and attend the post-Pride Celebrations in Catani Gardens. However, parental or guardian discretion is advised: Pride March celebrates diverse genders and sexualities so the march does contain references to sex, and you will see the odd bare bottom.

As our pets are often considered family too, please make sure you have foot protection for your pooches if you bring them, otherwise plan to leave them at home. That road tar can get painfully hot on the paws.

What measures are taken to protect the environment?

Midsumma Pride March is a large event - having so many people gathered in a relatively small space has the potential to seriously damage the environment. Some of the measures taken to reduce that impact include the following:

  • Dedicated recycling bins are located at both the Ian Johnson Oval and Catani Gardens, and are regularly cleared throughout the event
  • Hydration stations and bubblers are provided to promote the use of refillable water bottles (and to encourage participants and spectators to keep well hydrated)
  • No glass is allowed into the venue, to minimise the possibility of broken glassĀ 
  • No balloons or streamers are allowed
  • Electricity is provided via mains power or bio-diesel generators
  • Food traders only use biodegradable products (no single use plastic)
  • Volunteers and staff members are provided with refillable water bottles to be refilled at the hydration stations
  • The City of Port Phillip will have their Summer Rangers on site to discuss recycling with participants and local residents

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