Midsumma Pride March 2020 Maps

Pride March 2019 - image by Suzanne Balding

Marchers' Assembly: The Ian Johnson Oval on the corner of Lakeside Drive and Fitzroy Street.

Vehicle Assembly: Lakeside Drive (next to the Ian Johnson Oval).

Marching Route: Proceeds down Fitzroy Street and ends in Catani Gardens, St Kilda.

End of March: Marchers will turn right and enter Catani Gardens via the pedestrian crossing. Vehicles will turn right onto Beaconsfield Parade.

Midsumma Pride March 2020 Map

Download the Midsumma Pride March 2020 map (PDF 1.04 MB) >>


Tram access during Midsumma Pride March

The red lines indicate where trams will be running throughout the event, even while Fitzroy Street is closed for the March. Open larger Tram Access Map >>


Route 600, 922 & 923 Bus Diversions

Bus Diversions: routes 600, 922 & 923 (PDF 521 KB) >>


Map of Cycling Routes during Midsumma Pride March >>
The Bayside Trail will be unaffected by Midsumma Pride March. The easiest and safest alternative to the Fitzroy St route is via Cowderoy St, which links the Bayside Trail (at Pier Rd) to Canterbury Rd and the Western Bike Path.

Names and website links for the groups that are marching, and their position within the march

2020 Marching Order

Answers to some commonly asked questions about Midsumma Pride March

Midsumma Pride March FAQs

Advice on how to get to Midsumma Pride March even while roads are closed for the march

Midsumma Pride March - Getting There

Accessible facilities provided at Midsumma Pride March

Midsumma Pride March Accessibility
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