Midsumma Pride March 2021 COVIDSafe Plan


This year Midsumma Pride March 2021 will return to Fitzroy St, St Kilda on Sunday 23 May 2021.
Once again marchers will marshal in Ian Johnson Oval, before proceeding down Fitzroy St in a parade of solidarity and concluding in Catani Gardens.

Our government approved COVIDSafe Event Plan permits us to have 8,000 pre-registered march participants partake in the event. Due to capacity limitations all march participants must pre-register their group and will be allocated a maximum number of march participants for their group. Prior to event day each group must have a representative attend the Participant Information Briefing. On the day each participant will be required to check in via QR Code (including health declaration) and have their ticket scanned before entering Ian Johnson Oval’s fenced site. Midsumma event staff, volunteers and contractors will be managing the queues. Sanitiser stations will be provided throughout and COVIDSafe signage will be in place along with COVIDSafe Marshals to ensure social distancing occurs.

The Midsumma Pride March is being delivered in open public parklands and on public streets with sufficient space for staff and attendees to maintain social distancing. This will be reinforced via various communication channels, signage, and a ratio of 1:100 COVID Marshals across the sites.

Midsumma will hold a private event for pre-registered marchers in Catani Gardens after the march. This will not be accessible for general public to attend (as per our COVIDSafe Event Plan).

Midsumma is encouraging audiences to attend/view the march in ONLY THREE ways:

  1. Book into a Fitzroy St venue to watch the march from 11am.
  2. Watch the parade from their homes, as Midsumma Festival will live-stream the event. The stream will begin at approximately 10:45am and conclude at approximately 2pm.
  3. Watch the parade from a venue hosting a Midsumma Pride Watch party.

If you wish to get a copy of the complete (90 page) version of the Midsumma COVIDSafe Event Plan, please email [email protected].

Participant Registration

To ensure we are complying with our COVIDSafe Event Plan, all march contingencies are required to register their group via the Midsumma website and include the number of participants in their group. For the first time, Midsumma Pride March participants will also be allocated an online ticket to assist with contact tracing.

Participant Sign-In Procedure

At Ian Johnson Oval, all marching participants will be required to check in via QR code, have their ticket scanned and then will be wrist banded. A registrations/ticketing area will be set up alongside the St Kilda Bowls Club carpark off Fitzroy Street at Ian Johnson Oval.


Midsumma Pride March encompasses three sites within the City of Port Phillip.

  1. Ian Johnson Oval
    Ian Johnson Oval is the marshalling point for the march participants. This site will be fenced and only allowed entry for ticketed march participants.
  2. Fitzroy Street
    Fitzroy Street between Ian Johnson Oval and Catani Gardens is the march route.
  3. Catani Gardens
    Catani Gardens is the march conclusion site. This site will be fenced, and controlled entry will only be available to march participants who will show their wristband to gain entry.

Event Personnel

All event personnel must complete an online induction that includes COVIDSafe policy and procedure. All personnel will be required to sign-in to their allocated shift and check in via the health declaration and contact tracing solution at each site, Ian Johnson Oval and Catani Gardens. This is to ensure they can be contacted via the relevant parties should contact tracing need to occur. All personnel will be encouraged to wear appropriate PPE. When physical distancing is not possible, personnel will be required to wear PPE (facemasks).

Contact Tracing

Participants will be asked to complete a contract tracing and health declaration form through a QR code as they wait in socially-distanced lines for registration upon arriving at Ian Johnson Oval. We will also provide paper-based contact tracing options for those without the relevant technology to access online check-in to be updated. As per government regulations, Midsumma Festival is using the Service Victoria QR Code Contract Tracing solution.

Area Wardens

Area Wardens will oversee all operations at Ian Johnson Oval, Fitzroy Street and Catani Gardens and will have 2-way radio communication with the Event Operation Centre. The Area Wardens will have authority to direct the COVIDSafe Marshals and Security as required.

COVIDSafe Marshals

COVID Marshals will be in attendance to ensure Midsumma Pride March is a COVIDSafe event at a ratio of 1 marshal per 100 participants, at Ian Johnson Oval and Catani Gardens, along the march route and supervising each wave of the march. All COVIDSafe Marshals will complete an online training module towards best COVIDSafe practice and will be clearly identified with high visibility vests. COVIDSafe Marshals are responsible for monitoring compliance inline with Midsumma’s COVIDSafe Event Plan and everyone’s COVIDSafe obligations. This includes contact tracing check-in, physical distancing, and hygiene practices.

Food and Beverage

There will be a limited number of food trucks at Ian Johnson Oval and several at Catani Gardens to cater to march participants. All vendors are required to supply their own COVIDSafe Plan and register their trading with Streatrader.

First Aid

Colbrow Medics have been contracted to manage Midsumma Pride March. There will be First Aid Facilities available on site including roving officers. Isolated COVID-19 First Aid screening locations will be on site at both Ian Johnson Oval and Catani Gardens should anyone present with symptoms and a plan in place for follow up and contract tracing. The Colbrow Medics COVIDSafe Operational Plan will be applicable at this event.

Toilets and Bathrooms

There will be a range of temporary toilet blocks including accessible toilets at Ian Johnson Oval and Catani Gardens. Users must use these one at a time and practice good COVIDSafe practices including physical distancing whilst waiting and when using. Hand washing stations are located within each toilet as well as sanitiser stations at the facilities.


CIA Waste Management have been contracted to supply all cleaning and waste removal requirements and have extensive experience of working at large scale events. There will be a strong focus on:

  • High frequency touch points on site; including tables & chairs, bin lids, sanitizer stations, push buttons, water station taps
  • Bathrooms/Toilets; including doors, flush buttons, basins, taps, walls
  • Completion of cleaning logs

Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser stations will be located at entrances, exits, toilet queuing, stalls and sponsors & food trucks at both Ian Johnson Oval and Catani Gardens.

Signage Plan

Adequate signage outlining COVIDSafe principals will be on display throughout the event site.

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