Midsumma T Dance 2022 Artists and Emcees

Midsumma Carnival 2019 - Photo by Suzanne Balding

The T Dance MAIN STAGE and PICNIC STAGE take over from Carnival at 6pm.

See Midsumma Carnival - T DANCE Stages for the line-up schedule and see below for an introduction to the emcees and artists from both stages. 



Max Lawrence - Musician

Melbourne based alt pop artist Max Lawrence specialises in the cathartic and the chaotic, exploring stylings of chamber pop, RnB and psych rock, always with a unique flair, point of view and avant-pop edge.

Cerulean - Drag Artist

Cerulean is a blue gem who descended from the Pisces constellation to bless mere mortals with a raining cloud of excitement, energy and fun!

They were the top prize winner of Miss First Nations 2021 with an absolutely eclectic performance, a sophisticated amalgamation of spoken word and snippets of songs that told an entire story within their allotted time.

Duchess Kay - DJ

Stylish, energetic and highly infectious. Duchess Kay is a musical magician of the DJ scene. With over two hundred shows per year, Duchess Kay mixes genres like hands-in-the-air party tunes, R&B and Hip-Hop, funky disco and classic house, and fist pumping dance anthems. What makes her one of the hottest DJs in Melbourne is her passion for music, ability to read the crowd and her insatiable hunger to push herself, her music and her career to greater heights, and is always on the lookout to expand her reach across Australia and the world!

Ruby Slippers - Drag Artist

A high-femme kaleidoscopic cyclone of extroversion and light perversion, Ruby Slippers lives by the motto that you’re either Dorothy, or you’re the twister. She's campy yet vampy, a clown-in-a-gown, burlesque supervillain and drag disruptor. She's a serial name-dropper shared a stage with Amanda Lepore, Brooke Candy, Pearl and Boy George, eaten a kebab in a G string in front of a cheering audience of thousands at Adelaide Fringe, and taught drag makeup to eleven year-olds.

Butch Le Butch - DJ

DJ & Disco Person. Some time recording artist and remixer. With a penchant for all things disco from the serious to the senseless (especially disco tinged tracks that were only ever popular in Australia) Butch's sets are never the same, packed full of long forgotten gems and dared to be played boogie monsters.

Julai - Musician

Hailing from the south eastern suburbs of Naarm, JULAI, the proclaimed BADDEST of the baddest is a rising voice amongst the city’s underground queer scene — from their expression, to music and performing on stage, JULAI represents his community and Polynesian identity unapologetically in a way that screams individuality, power and strength.


Sonic queerness found in late night funk squats and disco dens.
Sweaty is Sophie Forrest and Nick Spurway. There’s no chin stroking here, just music with the heart firmly front and centre. Jazzy baselines, soaring disco cuts and funky house that gets the dancefloor filled with an infectious joy.

Art Simone - Drag Diva

Art Simone is Australia’s premiere Down Under Drag Diva, performing professionally for a decade. Not only is Art a dynamic live performer and host, but she has also received global praise for her makeup designs for stage, screen and photographic works.

Adam Noviello - Musician

Australian actor + singer Adam Noviello: "The long lost love child of Peter Allen and Alan Cumming" - Mama Alto.

A creative at heart, Adam is constantly writing and collaborating and has original music due for release in late 2021.

Semi Precious - DJ

Presenter of Tomorrow Never Knows 8-10pm on Melbourne's 3RRR 102.7fm.

Also does the wicka wicka as emerald / dj semi precious.

LION X - Musician

James aims to provide insightful, thought-provoking music for the masses.

Tinika - DJ

Tinika (She/Her) is a Narrm based DJ, frequently dubbed as a genre-less, selective risk-taker behind the decks. Her sets draw from her queer black experience and aim to encapsulate the essence of every mix with enthusiasm and infectious energy.

Sullivan - DJ

A leading taste maker within the realms of music, arts and culture, Sullivan is a Melbourne based DJ, producer and curator with nearly two decades of experience working with some of the most trail-blazing festivals, parties and institutions across Australia and Europe. As part of the curators and programming consultants for Dark Mofo, Electronic Music Conference and Next Wave, Sullivan has worked with artists such as Junglepussy, Empress Of, Sampa the Great, Mallrat and many others.

Milo Hartill - Dancer

Milo Hartill is a performer, musician, host, BLM Advocate and Fat & Queer Content Creator from Perth who has lived in Melbourne for a number of years now.


Jordan Barr, Aurelia St Clair and Charlie Lewin

Amid Melbourne’s 2nd wave lockdown, Aurelia (they/she), Charlie (he/him), and Jordan (she/her) made the only logical decision of their short lives. ‘It’s time to make a gay podcast’. And thus, POPGAYS was born. From YouTube drama to the entrapment of the gender binary, these gays love to chat, listen and laugh at each other. Come for the laughs, stay for the dissertation on why Blake Lively drew her shoes on in that bizarre Instagram picture.

The Pageant (Patrick & Laura): Picnic Stage

Patrick and Laura will be your T Dance hosts on the Picnic Stage. Together they are "The Pageant", a character comedy created and performed by Laura Trenerry (The Travelling Sisters) and Patrick Dwyer, co-devised with Ell Sachs and directed by Kimberley Twiner (PO PO MO CO).

Left to right: Jordan, Aurelia and Charlie

Jordan, Aurelia and Charlie looking pensive

Left to right: Jordan, Aurelia and Charlie

Jordan, Aurelia and Charlie looking cheeky

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