Stages - Midsumma Carnival 2023

Midsumma Carnival 2019 - photo by Creative Edge Photography

Don't miss the one-off pop-up activation by Fast Fashun 11am-3pm near the St Kilda Road Entrance.


See 2023 Midsumma Carnival Artists for photos and bios of the performers.






  • Emcee: Frock Hudson
  • 11:00am: Chat with Paralympic Rower Al Viney and Melbourne Argonauts
  • 11:30am: Queerlympics - Opening Ceremony
  • 11:45am: Queerlympics - Tug of War
  • 12:00pm: Queerlympics - Limbo
  • 12:15pm: Queerlympics - Flipper Race
  • 12:30pm: Queerlympics - Frock Hudson's Squid Games (Red Light Green Light)
  • Emcee: Emily Fox
  • 12:45pm: Chat to Shuttlecats Badminton Club
  • 01:00pm-02:00pm: Chat with Tennis Australia/Tennis Australia Activation
  • 02:00pm: Chat with Netball Victoria
  • 02:15pm: Melbourne Chargers Rugby Demonstration
  • 02:30pm: Chat with Melbourne Wranglers Wrestling Club / Wranglers Demonstration
  • 02:45pm: Chat with Melbourne Spikers Volleyball Club
  • 03:00pm: Chat with Lacrosse Victoria
  • 03:15pm: Chat with Thornbury Bowls Club
  • 03:30pm-4pm: Lip Sync Battle
  • 04:00pm: Announce winner of Queerlympics and draw a winner of the "Try to beat Al Viney"/Argonauts Learn to Row competition



YMCA Skate Park

  • 12:00pm: 1 hour skateboarding lesson for families
  • 12:30pm: 1 hour skateboarding lesson for families
  • 1:00pm: 1 hour skateboarding lesson for families
  • 1:30pm: 1 hour skateboarding lesson for families
  • 2:30pm: lessons finish - staff remain on site until 4pm

Family Precinct Stage -Emcee: PO PO MO CO

  • 1:30pm: PO PO MO CO performance and games
  • 1:40pm: Em Chandler: fairytale storytelling
  • 1:55pm: Liz Reed: Auslan storytime
  • 2:13pm: Em Chandler: fairytale storytelling
  • 2:28pm: PO PO MO CO performance and games
  • 2:38pm: Hazel Bock - circus performance (juggling)
  • 2:51pm: The Rainbow Tree - performance
  • 2:57pm: Liz Reed: Auslan storytime
  • 3:14pm: Em Chandler: fairytale storytelling
  • 3:30pm: PO PO MO CO performance and games
  • 3:41pm: Hazel Bock - circus performance (juggling)
  • 3:55pm: Liz Reed: Auslan storytime
  • 4:11pm: PO PO MO CO performance, games, milk dance
  • 4:30pm: Family precinct programming ends

Roving Performances

  • 2:10pm-2:40pm: Hazel Bock - circus performance
  • 2:50pm-3:20pm: NICA circus workshop
  • 3:10pm-3:40pm: Hazel Bock - circus performance
  • 3:50pm-4:20pm: NICA circus workshop



Movement Décor performers will be roving around the entire Midsumma Carnival precinct between 5pm and 8:30pm.

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