Common People Dance Project

Image by Stephane Fellay

Are you living in Victoria, part of the LGBTQIA+ community… and love dancing?

Answered YES? Well then we want to see your moves!

As part of our Melbourne Pride celebrations, Common People Dance Project is helping bring together our unique and diverse communities from all across the state for the ultimate dance off. After another year of being apart, the Common People Dance Project is a fun chance to connect from wherever you are in Victoria, and be featured on our Melbourne Pride LIVESTREAM on 13 February 2022.

Watch the video below.




Ready to get involved? We are too! Just follow these steps.

  1. Pop the kettle on or grab a glass of wine and watch and learn the video above on your own or with your pals. 
  2. Get dressed up in an outfit or costume that represents what PRIDE means to you and record yourselves doing the dance.
  3. Send it to [email protected] by 31 January 2022
  4. Fill out the form at the below so we can learn a bit about you (after all, you'll be starring in our video!)

Then, tune into our livestream on 13 February 2022 for Melbourne Pride to see yourself in all of your fabulousness, together with one big Queer Victorian family! Got a questions? Read our FAQs at the bottom of the page. 

Common People Dance Project Submission Form
This will be used in the video
this includes anyone in your group
this includes everyone in your group
this includes anyone in your group
To complete this form, make sure you've sent your video off first!
Consent is required to be included in the Common People Dance Project
Consent is required to be included in the Common People Dance Project

Common People Project FAQs

Once you've filmed your video, send it to [email protected] by 31 January, 2022. Your file might be too big to send as a direct attachment, so try sending it through WeTransfer or via a Dropbox link (or equivalent).

Flip your phone on its side and record in landscape. Make sure the file is an MP4 file too! If you are having any issues with recording or your format, please get in touch [email protected]

A mash-up of people dancing up a storm. Only a cut (or more if you're fab) will be used in the final edit. There will also be some text telling us where you are from.

Anything (as long as it's PG)! It could be your living room, your driveway, your kitchen, your town sign or a painted silo. Get creative!

To have fun! Pick an outfit or costume that makes you feel PROUD and tells us who you are.

If your recording is not inappropriate, i.e. it contains content which is racist, sexist, disabilist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic or other discriminatory conduct that is reasonably likely to offend, insult, humiliate, intimidate or ridicule any minorities. Also, no nudity please. 

Common People Dance Project

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