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Let's mark this moment in history together

Thank you to all that submitted their video, this project is now closed.


Many people from the LGBTQIA+ community have come from isolation, many feeling alone, disconnected and distant. Due to the recent state of the world, LGBTQIA+ people find themself once again being physically isolated, separated from our spaces and communities, affecting many LGBTQIA+ community members all over Australia.

We know the last few months have had a huge impact on our queer and arts communities, and we want to share these stories to help unite us and show each other that we are in this together.

Midsumma has teamed up with Australia Post to mark this moment in history with the Australia Post Dear Australia project. Australia Post has created a national letterbox where, from now until 18 August, you can write a letter to share your experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. Australia Post is working with the National Archives of Australia, where eligible Dear Australia letters will be kept for future generations. This will enable all Australians to record their impressions of this remarkable time.

Midsumma wants you to be in our Showcase Video

Midsumma and Australia Post would like to invite you to read out your letters in a short video before you mail them to Australia Post

Your letter could contain a message of hope, a story of community spirit, a description of how this event has changed your life; it could even incorporate a piece of your artwork. 

How to submit to Dear Australia

Step 1 - Write your letter/ create the piece for submission

Step 2 - Record a one-minute video of you reading or presenting your "letter" and submit the video via the form below. 

Step 3 - Place your letter in a stamped envelope addressed to:

Dear Australia
Locked Bag
Australia 9999

See more on how to submit to Australia Post via the "how to" video.

Step 4 - Mail your letter. Post it in any red street posting box or your local Post Office. 

Dear Australia Showcase Video Submission Form

First and last name
This should be no longer than one minute
Check box for acknowledgement

What will happen with your video?

After submissions close, on 18 August 2020, Midsumma and Australia Post will compose the submitted videos into a showcase video, which will premiere online via Midumma and Australia Post platforms mid-September 2020.

Once Midsumma has received your video submission via the form on this page you will be notified that your video has been received and will be kept up to date on the project's progress and publication of the showcase video. 

What will happen with your letter?

Your letter, once you post it to Australia Post: Dear Australia may be selected to be stored permanently at the National Archives of Australia. For more information visit Australia Post: Dear Australia.

View 'Dear Australia' campaign terms and conditions

The Dear Australia project is owned and managed by Australia Post. Midsumma has partnered with Australia Post on this project to engage our queer and arts communities.

This project is voluntary and will not come with payment.

If you have further questions about this initiative, please email [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any questions.





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