Queer My Head call-out

QMH - Jaye Hayes

LGBTIQA+ artists, makers, writers, crafters and creatives with lived experience of mental health challenges related to living in a cis-centric, heteronormative world are invited to submit works to the Queer My Head exhibition.

The exhibition title, ’Queer My Head’, recognises the power of queer art and art-making to clear our heads of the pervasive cis-hetero-normative expectations and biases that contribute to mental health issues for LGBTIQA+ people. The Queer My Head exhibition will feature artworks that express and inspire ‘head queering’ and celebrate it as an essential cultural practice of selfaffirmation and self-repair.

Queer My Head will platform LGBTIQA+ artists with lived experience of mental illness, neurodivergence, chronic illness or disability who have utilised their creativity and artistry to resist, express, critique, subvert, survive and queerly thrive in non-normative ways. Submissions can be in any art-form that can be presented in a gallery setting (including visual arts, contemporary crafts, poetry, zines, video, VR, AR, performance art, tactile art, sound art, street art, etc).

More information & submission guidelines: [email protected] Applications must be submitted no later than Sunday 28 Nov.

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