99 Names

Image by Ayman Kaake

Midsumma and Australia Post Art Award Winner 2022

The winner of Midsumma and Australia Post Art Award 2022, Ayman Kaake, comes with a new solo show '99 Names', a collection of photographs and video installation at Brunswick Street Gallery.

Your belief is a belief; my existence is a reality” – Divina Di Campo, Drag queen.

Homosexuality is still a crime in at least 74 countries, 13 of which impose death by public stoning as a penalty. '99 Names', is a non-apologetic work for the double standard of society that we live in. An instalment which does not seek approval to accept homosexuality.

This show is a testament on how we have been manipulated for years by hypocritical acts of atrocity whilst believers loudly quote from their holy books in the name of religion. They connect religion with politics to have control upon us. To fit their shiny image of love whilst criminalising the act of love. I respect your belief; and you have to respect our existence and our reality.

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English No Barrier
Vision Rating 75%

Dates & Times

OPENING Sat 28 Jan 6-9pm
EXHIBITION 28-29 Jan, 31 Jan-5 Feb, 7-12 Feb | Tue-Sun 10am-6pm


FREE No ticket required


Brunswick Street Gallery

Level 1, 322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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11 to stop 16 | tram 96 to stop 13


200-207 to Brunswick/Johnston St

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