Artemis: Utter Mess

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Image by Teddy Darling

Non-binary, Asexual, Biracial AND Neurodivergent? Utter Mess!

Artemis: Utter Mess is a cabaret show about identity, language and the difference between words that can be confining and words that can be freeing. The show uses one person’s life, that of Artemis Munoz, as a case study for unpacking why community and identity is important against the backdrop of a world that continues to ask “why do you have to label everything?”

This one-hour, one-enby show features nine songs and other spoken stories and anecdotes about Artemis’ experiences discovering and learning to understand their identities as a trans, nonbinary, ace (asexual), neurodivergent, and bi-racial person. It is for the most part light-hearted in tone and features a lot of comedy, although the content can veer into some heavier areas as Artemis sings and tells the audience about how messy it is to exist in a world that may not have been built with you in mind. Ultimately, the show is warm and ends on a positive note.

For Artemis, having an intersectional identity has meant reckoning with the question of ‘who they are’ a complicated one that has often had them asking if they were just seeking attention or attempting to appear unique. This show is my answer to those fears. The conclusion? Before having these words of identity and community (non-binary, asexual, autistic... etc), they had other words which were much more harmful (crazy, weird, useless...etc). Utter Mess shares this through comedy, song and storytelling, leaving Artemis to unpack their purpose as a human being when all of the confining ideas have been stripped bare.

"Muñoz charms the audience in [their] warm and gentle nature."
— Theatre People

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Auslan Interpreted
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Relaxed Performance
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Dates & Times

WHEN 8-13 Feb | Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun 6:30pm | Wed, Fri 8:30pm
AUSLAN 10 Feb 6:30pm, 11 Feb 8:30pm
AUDIO DESC 9 Feb 8:30pm
TACTILE Tactile Tour: Upon request
RELAXED 9 Feb 8:30pm, 10 Feb & 13 Feb 6:30pm


FULL $30.00
CONC $20.00


La Mama HQ

1/205 Faraday St, Carlton

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1, 6 to stop 112 | any Swanston St tram to stop 1


200-207 to Lygon/Elgin St

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Latecomer lockout, Discussion/Exploration of Queerphobia (specifically aphobia and transphobia) Mentions of food Discussion/Exploration of Externally Imposed Boundaries Discussion/Exploration of Social/Structural Inequity Discussion/Exploration of Cultural Identity Discussion/Exploration of Self Deprecation Discussion/Exploration of Ableism and Abelist Language Discussion/Exploration of Mental Illness Mentions of Eugenics Mentions of Medical Gatekeeping (Mental Health/Neurodiversity) Allusion to Expletives Swearing
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