Photographic Exhibition

Awakening are the moments between temptation and fear. These moments are fragile, painful, terrifying, euphorically joyous and most of all rewarding. They are necessary emotional steps in search of a self identity, and temptation is the core ingredient and the driving force that is unstoppable by any fear.

In this body of work Zina is exploring and capturing the emotional turbulence of The Coming Out period. This work offers an insight into her very personal experience in search of her own identity.

Awakening is part of an ongoing and larger body of work – aiming to explore a life long journey in search of identity, belonging and a place she could call physical and spiritual home.

Awakening is portrayal of a very personal journey that all of us have to go through at some stage of our lives. It is an integral part of growing up.


by Zina Sofer. Featuring Grace Robins and Faramir Jouir

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Exhibition 21 Jan-9 Feb | Mon-Sun 12-5pm


Chapel Off Chapel - Chapel

12 Little Chapel St, Prahran

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