CULT by Ryan Henry

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Image by Cameron Grant

Don't stop when you're tired... Stop when you're dead!

You signed on the dotted line, you paid the up-front joining fee and your complimentary microfibre sweat towel has definitely been used by someone else. Congratulations, you’re now on the path to being your best self!

The ripe sweat of men in spaghetti-strap singlets have blurred your senses. That’s not a heart attack, it’s your heart rate perfectly synced to the deafening house music. There’s a personal trainer who's turned into the best friend you didn’t agree to. With their roars of generic encouragement and your determination to be on top, the perfect specimen starts to take form. The question is, can you maintain it?

More than just a story about gaining the strength to crush a watermelon between your thighs, Ryan Henry has created a new Australian work that will reacquaint audiences with self-love. Laugh, cry and maybe vomit if you’ve ever felt personally victimised by an elliptical trainer as cult sprints onto the Melbourne theatre scene.

To put it simply, it’s a spectacle of campness that is sure to release your endorphins.

Make a Night of it at the Meat Market!

What's more, book all three and you'll get 10% discount on each ticket.

"Henry’s timing is outstanding."
— Australian Arts Review
"I could watch him do anything."
— Praise Dionysus!

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Wheelchair Access
Vision Rating less than 50%

Dates & Times

WHEN 1-4 Feb, 8-11 Feb | Wed-Sat 8pm


FULL $25.00
GROUP $15.00 - (min 6)
COMPANION FREE - please email [email protected] to arrange


Meat Market - Stables

2 Wreckyn St, North Melbourne

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Tram 19 to stop 9 | Tram 58, 59 to stop 14

Event notes


Premiere, New Work, Melbourne Premiere, Australian Premiere


Course language
Reference to sexual violence
Reference to drug use

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