Matty B's Naughty Island Adventure

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Image by Brody White

Everything is magic when you're cooked like a crooked chook and feelin' slick as chips!

Come and traverse a lost island, led by the naughtiest little island boy you’ve ever met.

I, Matt Barron, your resident twinky bush nymph, will be your guide and teacher while we traverse around a magical island, unlocking its mysteries and discovering a dark secret. What’s “magical” about our island is unclear, but everything is magical if you’re cooked like a crooked chook and feelin’ slick as chips. Prepare to get sexual, get active, and to get an education because we’re going on a RIDE, BABY!

"He sure can belt out a tune and cut a rug when he's not busy dry humping something"
— Squirrel Comedy

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Vision Rating less than 50%

Dates & Times

WHEN 6-11 Feb | Mon-Sat 8:45pm


FULL $28.00
CONC $25.00
GROUP $24.00 - (min 6)
FRONTLINE $25.00 - (Frontline workers)
COMPANION FREE - please email [email protected] to arrange


The Motley Bauhaus - Cabaret Stage

118 Elgin St, Carlton

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1, 6 to stop 112

Event notes




Sex scenes, Violence, Coarse language, Smoke/haze, Reference to drug use

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