Maybe Later

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Image by Sophie Jackson

Inside the walls of an ordinary apartment, a run-of-the-mill, everyday relationship is taking place. Two bodies share the space; walking the line of comfortable symbiosis and crippling codependency.
They have a to-do list and plenty of time to-do the list... so why is nothing getting done?

Maybe Later is a one-act duet between two unnamed feminine figures. We witness a day in the life inside their small studio apartment, a microcosm of the world outside; the shifting grounds of power and control, the oscillation between obsession and addiction towards someone or something, the slow creep of nihilistic dread emanating from our modern information avalanche.

The audience witnesses a familiar domestic scene through a contorted lens. Narrators are untrustworthy, events are cloudy, reality is opaque. In this simple dissection of an ordinary day, we discover how our real fears and anxieties can infiltrate our most comfortable and private moments. What really goes on when nothing goes on? Little fights, big fights, procrastination, contemplation, masturbation, confrontation. We see all that wasn’t meant to be seen by all.

Maybe Later appeals to the human incapacity of finding meaning in a world overrun by conflicting opinions, how we interact publicly vs privately vs anonymously, our self-construction of anxiety within greater societal structures and who or what we lean on for comfort.

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WHEN 1-5 Feb | Tue-Sat 6:30pm | Sat 12:15pm


FULL $35.00
CONC $25.00
3-SHOW PKG 10% off all 3 eligible shows
EARLY BIRD 15% off if purchased prior to 13 December


Gasworks Arts Park - Studio Theatre

21 Graham St, Albert Park

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1 to stop 31


236 to Graham/Pickles St | bus 606 to Bridport/Richardson St

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Premiere, New Work, Melbourne Premiere, Australian Premiere


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