Image by Andrew J Pearson

A collaborative exhibition between artist Andrew J Pearson and curator Tracey McIrvine

Progression to a space for the Sublime
An audio-visual Installation by artist Andrew J Pearson and curated exhibition by Visual Arts Manager, Tracey McIrvine.

Enter a gentle hypnotic space filled with moving projections, colors, reflections and ambient lullabies to support the passage of hard times.

My personal understanding of the Sublime is a state of discoverable grace within myself when I find the ability to exist comfortably in a present which is sometimes difficult. This can lead me to a sense of peace in surrender to time and space and nature. Andrew J Pearson 2021

Andrew James Pearson is an Australian contemporary artist.
Andrew's current art practice is focused in Techspressionism and includes image making, music, writing, film, projections, augmented reality and conductive codes.
Andrew creates public installations utilising actual and virtual space.
His concepts originate from percipient observation and subvert traditional narratives.
Historically, Andrew has worked consistently to assemble a significant body of visual art including decadent floral images, landscapes, still life, abstracted cityscapes, post pop portraits and deconstructions of contemporary culture. Andrew's work has been acquired by collectors in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and The United States.

Techspressionism is an art-historical term to describe fine artists using digital technology to convey subjective, emotional content. The subjective lens of the individual artist rather than the product of a corporate studio are what connect Techspressionism to its predecessor, Expressionism. Expressionists present the world from a subjective perspective, distorting it radically in order to evoke moods or ideas, seeking to express their emotional experience rather than just an interpretation of physical reality.

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