Que Será, Será: A Life’s Journey of Sexual Orientation & Gender


Femme image of Zelda by Eva Mueller, Drag image of Zelda by Gloria Waslyn

A ruthlessly honest roller-coaster life navigating non-binary Queerness

New York based performer/visual artist Zelda (aka Judith Z. Miller) presents “Que Será, Será: A Life’s Journey of Sexual Orientation & Gender Expression”. This ruthlessly honest multi-media show chronicles the joys and challenges of navigating non-binary Queerness from childhood in the 1950s to adulthood. Developed under an Individual Artist Commission from Arts Mid-Hudson, this roller-coaster Queer ride through the decades is shown here as it premiered at the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center in Kingston NY.

Tips and donations to the artist can be made via www.fundraising.fracturedatlas.org/que-sera-sera.

Audiences call the show;

profoundly moving, brave and honest.

... the model for how a person's struggling journey can be seen as not just a series of memorably good and bad moments, but as an evolution toward a transcendent, integrated self-radiating freedom of being.

Que Sera, Sera," will have you enthralled. Revelatory. So courageous!

Just top notch! This [show] made it so I could love myself more - I know it’s all right to be myself.

It could stop some kid from committing suicide.

It’s a social history. It’s her history and her story, and her everything, but it’s also this entire social history [that] needs to be told all across the country, all across the world ... . It breaks you out of your isolation.

It’s vulnerability like this that will change our world for the better.

I loved Que Será, Será. I loved it! I cried, I cried. It brought up a lot for me.

This presentation broke down barriers within myself and made me rethink what it means to be accepting.

Engaging, humorous, informative, edgy and intelligent.

She will have you in stitches and bring a blush to your face. Her timing is impeccable.

Absolutely moving and poignantly beautiful experience!


Images by James Orr Photography

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WHEN 19 Apr-5 May | Stream on demand


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New Work, Melbourne Premiere, Australian Premiere


Violence, Coarse language, Reference to sexual violence, Suicide references

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