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Queer scientists talking about areas of imminent interest.

During Midsumma Festival, Queers in Science in presenting a lecture series displaying the amazing work of queer scientists in Victoria. This year’s lectures series will talk about timely topics such as Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and effects of environmental pollution.

Queers In Science is an Australian initiative aiming to build community and improve support for LGBTQIA+ people working in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine) in Australia.

Speaker 1 - Sex in a changing world
Professor Bob Wong
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Head, Behavioural Ecology Research Group

Securing a suitable mate, even at the best of times, can pose a significant challenge for many animals. Charles Darwin in the Origin of Species described it as a sexual struggle arising from intense competition among individuals for the opportunity to mate. This struggle is so powerful that it can shape the course of evolution itself and accounts for much of the weird and wonderful diversity of life – from the tail of the peacock to the complex genitalia of bean weevils. So, how does human-induced environmental change impact the way animals pursue sex? And what are the ecological and evolutionary consequences? Drawing on research in diverse animals from around the world, this lecture will consider how disturbances to sex can affect the fate of animal populations and, ultimately, the survival of species in a changed and changing world.

Speaker 2Ancestral biology and designing a connection to your traditional ecological knowledge
Guy Ritani
Creative Director of PermaQueer, Queensland, Australia

How do we address climate change? To look forward we each need to look back. In this country, traditional knowledge spans back to time immemorial, until now ecological sustainability has been maintained. Many of our solutions will be informed by relationships buried in the past. What does that look like if your ancestry is not from this land? What does 'right relationship' to landscape look like in the history of your biology and your cultural context? How do we redesign these systems to step within Earth's biological limits and what really is our individual responsibility? This lecture is a yarn on unpacking these questions and developing a connection to the treasures of ecological culture buried deep in our past.

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Professor Bob Wong

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Head,  Behavioural Ecology Research Group

Bob Wong (he/him) is a Professor of behavioural and evolutionary ecology and Australian Research Council Future Fellow in the School of Biological Sciences, Monash University. Bob received his PhD from the Australian National University and completed postdoctoral stints at Boston University and the University of Helsinki before joining Monash.  Research in Bob’s Group  focuses on mate choice and reproductive investment, and how human-induced environmental change affects animal  behaviour.  A primary focus  of Bob's recent research centres on the behavioural, ecological and evolutionary impacts of environmental pollution by human and veterinary pharmaceuticals. Work undertaken in the Group  encompasses a wide range of species, from insects and humans to birds and fish. @BBM_Wong

Guy Ritani

Creative Director of PermaQueer, Queensland, Australia

Guy Ritani (they/them) is a Takatapui Maori (Ngati Toa Rangatira) artist, activist and international permaculture designer and teacher. Guy is the creative director of PermaQueer: a LGBTQIA+ & BIPOC focussed ecological education body. Using their queer cultural lens Guy has paired with the likes of TEDx, VICE and the ICRC to raise platform and education to the importance of our relationship in reciprocity with the environment. Guy is a passionate activist among the Pacific Climate Warriors and when they’re not campaigning for our global systems their passion is as a body worker focussing on biological somatic recovery and regulating central nervous systems.

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