The Naked Ambassadors

Dance on film by Christos Linou

The work examines the duality of the naked and the nude. It disrupts masculine stereotypes by the removal of clothing accessorising the body, juxtaposed by a role-reversal through a re-dressing and establishes the notion of risk and intimacy. Suggesting the struggle to embody identity beneath one’s appearance. The conceptual framework references humanity continuously at a crossroads suspended at in-between states of desire, provocation and revolutionary change, from the historical, the current and the foreseeable. Its representative of a nihilist future where science and technology denounces morality, reason and ethics, hence it queries the 1533 painting by Hans Holbein titled ‘The Ambassadors’.
Two men appear entering and exiting from the doors and through an act of trust and support, they remove their clothes, where two naked bodies come together in a sensuous interplay of choreographic mimeses, to explore and reinforcing their identity, gender and masculine conditioning. A dance duet resolves the bodies, through a doppelganger cross-dressing, as a way to understand the other, creating abstractions of identity. Perceptions of masculinity are questioned and the work explores the imperfections of body image behind its garmented veil. The association to the Ambassadors is based on the idea that regardless of what objects ornament humanity, we are constantly naked and in the dark about why we search for reason. Therefore the corporeal is constantly looping within an epidemic cycle of self-discovery.

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by Lucia Rossi

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English No Barrier

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Exhibition 5 - 9 Feb | Wed-Sun 6.30-9.30pm every 25 mins


Temperance Hall

199 Napier St, South Melbourne

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1 to stop 24 | 12 to stop 129

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Premiere, New Work


Venue is PARTIALLY wheelchair accessible - please contact the venue on 03 9645 9937 for details


Walking up a flight of stairs required

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