The (Sour Glitch) Two Step Refusal - CANCELLED

Image by Cynthia Sobraty

A vicarious non-binary escape room experience.

The (Sour Glitch) Two-Step Refusal is a vicarious non-binary escape room experience, where wordplay is foreplay, sense is nonsense, clues are costumes, and where the escape is in the doing.

Players and protagonists, They and Them are locked in a 80s office banal corporate workroom. Beige, banal and bereft. The printer is broken, plants are wilting, the watercooler drips slowly. No colleagues are in sight. There’s been a murder on the work floor.

They (and Them) have one hour to solve the mystery and make an escape.

But They and Them are not your average escape room aficionados. They are from The Wazoo. The Non-binary. Peel back your eyes and prick forth your ears, every clue could be a red herring, every mistake a revelation, and each misunderstanding an opportunity. Through comedy, drag and various modes of performance “art”, They (plural) will misread, mislead, misinterpret (but never misgender) to render possible the impossible conditions for escape.

Performers and creators Audley Anderson and Haz Lugsdin are developing a practice of non-binary making that draws on drag, performance art and comedy using languages of mediated culture, risk, and joy. Their work refuses the binary and hybridises various modes of performance to disassemble and delight. Creating and performing is an essential tool in making sense of themselves and their genders and making nonsense of the rest.

The (Sour Glitch) Two-Step Refusal was originally produced in development with Brand X as part of The Flying Nun contemporary performing arts residency program at the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre (ESCAC). This run with Midsumma Festival will be the show’s only Melbourne performances.

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Dates & Times

WHEN 10-13 Feb | Thu-Sat 7:30pm | Sun 5pm
DURATION 1hr 10m


FULL $30.00
CONC $25.00
GROUP $20.00 - (min 6)
3-SHOW PKG 10% off all 3 eligible shows
EARLY BIRD 15% off if purchased prior to 13 December


Theatre Works: Explosives Factory

14 Acland Street, St Kilda

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3a, 16, 96 to stop 136 | tram 12 to stop 143

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Melbourne Premiere


Nudity, Strobe lights, Smoke/haze, Suicide references, Depictions of Violence

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