Tsekouras Arts - 'Identity' Collage Workshops - Yarra Youth


Come learn from the fabulous queer artist Nick Tsekouras.

This workshop will take the participants through the steps on how to make a collage. This workshop, like the Artful Dodgers workshop, will explore the various techniques of collage as well as layering, typography/calligraphy, drawing and painting as additional techniques. Participants will be introduced to the world of collage, learn a short history of the medium and view an array of classic and contemporary examples. The workshops will be focusing on the theme of 'Identity'. Participants will be encouraged to explore this theme throughout the creation process. 

  • Yarra Youth Workshop - 21 Jan: The Yarra Youth Centre, Fitzroy (@yarrayouthservices)
    This collage workshop is strictly for LGBQTIA+ Youth and Allies (16-25 years of age).
  • Artful Dodgers Workshop - 1 Feb: Artful Dodgers Studio, Collingwood (@artful_dodgers)
    This collage workshop is designed for LGBQTIA+ people and allies of age 18+ years old. It is hoping to focus on a discussion around the generational differences within the LGBQTIA+ community.
"The workshop was so engaging, fun and informative. I was surprised by how much I loved the collages I created and have been inspired to keep on experimenting with the medium!"
— Yarra Youth Services
"An art session with Nick is more than just making a collage, it is also getting educated about it, and so much encouragement for self expression. I love how Nick also provides a very open and safe space for everyone! It's worth it!"
— Connection Arts Space

Image: Installation view of 'yun chow' and 'collage self portraits' at ACU Gallery, two collage series by Nicholas Tsekouras, 2021.

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WHEN Fri 21 Jan 1pm


Yarra Youth Centre

156 Napier St, Fitzroy

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86 to stop 14 | Tram 12, 109 to stop 13

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