What Remains

Note: opening hours in the printed program guide were incorrect.

What Remains is an exploration of familiar places, namely from Melbourne's inner West, a city, neighbourhood, street, mode of transport... devoid of people.
It invites the viewer to reflect on how we relate to a space, the built environment, a normally busy space removed of people and activity. It encourages us to contemplate what is left, how it changes the way we relate to that space and ultimately, how we feel about it.
Feeling like an outsider, we move through spaces at a distance, as a photographer, we are behind a tool that lets us capture an image - a moment in time, reality as we are experiencing it, that keeps us at a distance.

In creating these images, I illustrate my connection to space, as it relates to my depression, anxiety, queerness, identity and intersections of belonging.



by Laura Rouhan

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Dates & Times

Exhibition 22 Jan-7 Feb | Wed 10am-1pm | Fri 3-5pm
Celebration Thu 6 Feb 6pm-7:30pm


Sunshine Art Spaces Gallery

2 City Pl, Sunshine

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Sunbury/Watergardens line to Sunshine

Event notes


Venue is PARTIALLY wheelchair accessible - please contact the venue on 03 9249 4600 for details

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