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A hypothetical presented by Thorne Harbour Health

COVID has changed the way that we live and work, perhaps forever. Adjusting to online meetings, conversations and exchanges with colleagues can be a challenge. Is my house a mess? Are people sick of seeing me on a tropical island and how do you keep your cat’s arse out of the picture?

For Thorne Harbour's sixth 'hypothetical', a new line up of LGBTIQ media personalities and community leaders are thrown into a fictional narrative and navigate some not-so-fictional social issues...

We met Janice Plackett at our last hypothetical, Loose Talk in Public Places in 2020. She’s an Aquarius with a Scorpio rising, she hates risotto, she loves long walks, Cher and Casey Chambers. She’s a fiercely patriotic Australian, she’s broadminded but she hates Modern art, and Federation Square and tinned passionfruit. She’s a single mum with three kids who loves life, she’s a little bit naughty and she’d love to give Brett Sutton her mobile number.

Davyd Rowlands is a millennial IT specialist whose hobbies include bushwalking, competitive gaming and spanking, and he’d love to give Brett Sutton his mobile number. He’s about to be ‘on-boarded’ by Janice in his new job, and it’s all going to happen online.

But the Zoom world can hold hidden traps! Is my lighting okay? My background, to blur or not to blur? Do I only need to dress from the waist up? Join Janice from HR and new employee Davyd as they negotiate their new working relationship – online! Let’s join them as they click-on, unmute and get down to business!

The event will be broadcast LIVE on C31 in Melbourne and Geelong and livestreamed via our YouTube page from 7PM on Tuesday 1 February. 

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WHEN Tue 1 Feb 7pm
DURATION 1hr 30m


FREE Booking required


The Edge

Federation Square, Flinders St, Melbourne CBD

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Flinders Street


35, 70, 75 to stop 5 or 6 | Any Swanston St tram to stop 13

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