Midsumma Festival Hubs

POWER - Kee'ahn (Midsumma Festival 2020) - by Tanya McCulloch

We are proud to introduce to you our Midsumma Hubs for the 2021 Festival. These Midsumma Hub venues are dedicated to providing you with a diverse showcase of events, across the festival, to enrich your Midsumma Festival 2021 experience.

Chapel Off Chapel

12 Little Chapel St, Prahran

For over 21 years Chapel Off Chapel has established itself as an iconic Australian live theatre and music venue. Located just off Chapel Street, Prahran you will find a vibrant hub of theatre, musicals, cabaret, dance, comedy and live music. Consisting of three performance spaces and Melbourne’s most welcoming foyer. Come and experience Midsumma in all its glory – live, intimate and iconic.

Image: by Vicki Jones (Goddesses of Jazz @ Chapel off Chapel)


La Mama Courthouse

349 Drummond St, Carlton

With a rich history spanning over 50 years and a national profile, La Mama is Australia’s home of independent Theatre. It plays a critical role in the Australian cultural landscape, as a place for responsive, new, risk-taking work to occur. La Mama has a distinct artist focus, and provides a unique audience experience. Treasured for its advocacy for those seeking to explore beyond the mainstream, La Mama champions artistic individuality and freedom, prioritises accessibility, and celebrates a diverse community of artists and audiences alike.

Image by Phoebe Taylor (Guerilla Sabbath)


Malthouse Outdoor Stage

113 Sturt St, Southbank

Malthouse Outdoor Stage is Melbourne's new outdoor performance venue that will host live cultural experiences in partnership with leading performing arts and cultural organisations.

Image by by Jalaru Photography (Miss First Nation)


Midsumma Westside

Melbourne’s western region Councils

Midsumma Westside is a collaboration of Melbourne’s western region Councils in partnership with Midsumma. It is a sumptuous slice of Midsumma Festival that programs the wonderful array of events taking place in the west. With exhibitions, live music, performances, storytelling and more, the west is set to come alive. Midsumma Westside invites you to GO WEST!

Image by Rachel Main (Duets with a Shapeshifter by James Welsby (Valerie Hex)


Theatre Works

14 Acland St, St Kilda

Located in the heart of St Kilda, Theatre Works transforms into a playful, provoking and proud Midsumma Festival Hub in 2021. Theatre Works invites you to join us for an unstitched patchwork of queer lives in queer times. The TheatreWorks Midsumma Hub will be a unique, exciting and uniting place. And it will be gay. Really gay. 

Image by Theatre Works


The Hare Hole

63 Johnston St, Fitzroy

The Hare Hole is Melbourne’s home of emerging artists, hybrid art formsand queer ideas. For 29 years Hares & Hyenas has embodied queer community engagement, giving a platform to intersectional communities and artists to provoke, question and be heard. Its open content policy combined with its values of providing a welcoming space encourages work that is fresh, relevant and vitally important. Our 2021 Midsumma program brings together speakers, artists and performers from multiple disciplines and numerous identities – from the emerging to the familiar and established, from those embedded in the queer community tothose who defy classification.

Image by Hares & Hyenas


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