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Image: Midsumma Pride March by Suzanne Balding

Volunteer for Melbourne Pride and Midsumma Festival 2023

Midsumma Festival is a volunteer-fuelled organisation that wouldn't exist without the contribution of individuals within our community.

Volunteering with us is a great opportunity to make new friends and join a group of like-minded individuals who want to help out and support Midsumma Festival and the communities it represents. This team has been growing for years and loves new members.

Festival Volunteers work on our signature events, as well as a selected suite of cultural events throughout the Festival.

Our call out for volunteers will open in October/November for the upcoming festival. If you'd like to volunteer outside of the festival period, when we're planning and organising future festivals, and reporting on past ones to our many sponsors and partners, we'd also love to hear from you.

Midsumma Festival 2023 will return from Sunday 22 January to Sunday 12 February 2023. Midsumma Pride March will be held in St Kilda on Sunday 5 February.

Have a question? Please feel free to contact us via [email protected]

We are seeking volunteers in the following areas:

Usher & Information Provider
Many Midsumma events will require ushers to welcome visitors and provide information about events and venues.

Team Leaders
Working closely with the Volunteers Coordinator, team leaders will oversee a group of volunteers across many different events during the festival and will be integral to volunteer operations.

Volunteers will be the face of the celebrations, greeting visitors, ensuring our crowds are happy and safe and collecting donations.

Midsumma Carnival
The event to kick off Midsumma Festival with a bang, volunteers will help manage all aspects, provide information to attendees and collect donations.

Midsumma Pride March
Midsumma Festival's second largest event - the volunteers will manage the march route, collect donations, and provide information to attendees and marchers.

Production Support
Working closely with our Production Team you will be working behind the scenes to make sure our events run smoothly and on time.

Bar and Hospitality
Only for those with a valid RSA (to be provided to the Volunteers Coordinator).

Site set up / pack down
Help our Production Team and Site Crew make the site ready for events to open as well as bump them out after the attendees have left.

Office & Project Administration
Periodically, there will be a need for volunteers to assist with office administration, production planning, marketing and ticketing support.

Thank you for your interest in Midsumma Festival and your commitment to our volunteer program. Midsumma Festival is a volunteer fuelled organisation that simply couldn't operate without the passionate and committed contribution from people like you. Each and every volunteer is an ambassador for Midsumma: enthusiastic, friendly, helpful and professional at all times. Please check the About page for background information about Midsumma.
1. What Midsumma Festival agrees to provide you

In order to enhance your experience, Midsumma Festival will:-

  • Provide you with orientation and induction
  • Ensure you have fun and meet people
  • Provide you with a healthy and safe workplace
  • Provide insurance coverage for you, whilst you are acting as a Midsumma Festival volunteer
  • Define your roles and develop clear job descriptions
  • Provide appropriate levels of support and management for you
  • Ensure your work complements but does not undermine the work of core staff
  • Respect you as a valuable team member
  • Acknowledge and value your contributions
  • Provide clear conflict resolution processes
  • Extend an invitation to the festival wrap party
  • Adhere to the guidelines set out by Volunteering Victoria

Midsumma Festival reserves the right to select the people who will best represent the organisation, and to assign people to particular roles and duties as felt appropriate.

2. Your rights as a volunteer
  • To be respected and treated as a co-worker and to not be exploited
  • To have access to training sessions where appropriate and possible
  • To have on-the-job supervision provided by a designated member of staff or Team Leader volunteer
  • To have the necessary support and direction in order to carry out designated duties
  • To be entitled to take breaks from their volunteer work, when appropriate
  • To be able to contact the Volunteers Coordinator at any time during the festival with concerns, questions or indeed anything to do with being a part of the festival
3. In order to enhance the festival, volunteers will:
  • Start at the scheduled time, and be dressed and groomed appropriately
  • Wear the festival t-shirt and accreditation when on-shift
  • Be asked to carry out specific duties to the best of their ability
  • Respect the authority of, and decisions made by, Midsumma CEO and staff
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the festival
  • Be honest and reliable
  • Adhere to and follow policy, procedure and guidelines including WHS
  • Adhere to all Midsumma Festival COVIDsafe Policies and Procedures
  • Not smoke or consume alcohol while in your festival t-shirt
  • Be conscious of the sustainability of our environment

We ask that you volunteer for one, two or all of our events; Melbourne Pride 2021 - A Road to Pride, Midsumma Carnival and Midsumma Pride March.

3.1 Punctuality

We request that volunteers are punctual. If an unforeseen situation arises whereby a volunteer will be late please contact the Volunteers Coordinator so other arrangements can be made.

3.2 Attendance

If you are unable to attend your shift, please notify the Volunteers Coordinator as soon as possible so that a replacement can be organised.

3.3 Etiquette

All volunteers are representatives of Midsumma Festival, and as such must be professional, courteous and respectful to the public at all times.

3.4 Dress Code

Volunteers are supplied with the appropriate means of identification. This may take the form of a t-shirt and/or accreditation lanyard. All volunteers are required to wear such items during the time of their shift. When not on shift these items must be removed or covered. Attire must be appropriate for the task you are undertaking, please refer to the shift brief for any specific requirements.

3.5 Drugs & Alcohol

The use of alcohol and drugs are prohibited whilst working your shift. Any volunteer found to be under the influence will be retired for the duration of the event and disciplinary action may be taken.

3.6 Confidentiality

Occasionally volunteers will be privy to confidential information of the festival. Volunteers must not divulge this information to other parties under any circumstances, either during the term of volunteering or after ceasing as a volunteer.

3.7 No Remuneration

You agree that any work you perform for Midsumma Festival is on a voluntary, unpaid basis and you will not be entitled to any remuneration benefits however described.

3.8 Paid Employment

Volunteer work for Midsumma Festival is not a prerequisite for paid employment and volunteering does not guarantee a paid position.

3.9 Media

Volunteers are not authorised to speak to the media on Midsumma Festival's behalf.  Any requests by the media must be directed to the Midsumma Marketing Manager.

3.10 Conflict Resolution

Midsumma Festival is committed to resolving any conflict to the satisfaction of all parties. Please direct any conflicts to the Volunteers Coordinator in the first instance. If the conflict involves this person, please direct the issue to the Midsumma CEO. The issues, discussions and resolution achieved will be recorded in writing and a letter confirming the outcome of the meeting will be sent to all parties involved.

3.11 Sign-on

Sign on/off forms must be completed at the start and end of every shift, to aid us in accurately reporting on the person-hours required to produce the event. Volunteer hours are recorded for insurance purposes and to assist with the collection of statistical data in support of funding applications. Volunteers will also be required to successfully complete a health questionnaire to start each shift on Deputy, our rostering system. Please ensure you complete a registration / time sheet.

3.12 Termination

Where the conduct or behaviour of a volunteer places the health or safety of another person at risk, results in any illegal activity, or contravenes Midsumma's Code of Conduct; that volunteer's involvement in the festival may be immediately terminated by the Volunteers Coordinator or Midsumma Festival staff.

3.13 Privacy Statement

By registration, you agree to us collecting the personal information you provide. This information will generally be used solely by Midsumma Festival Inc. for the purposes of ensuring that we assign you to an appropriate volunteer position, for contacting you regarding events during the festival, and maintaining health and safety records for all volunteers.  We may give this information to third parties, but only where we are required by law to do so or the information is needed for operational purposes. You have the right to request details, or amend any personal information that Midsumma Festival holds about you by contacting Midsumma Festival Inc. at any time.

3.14 Health & Safety

Midsumma Festival is committed to providing a safe working environment for all its volunteers and will provide relevant induction sessions in relation to event-specific health and safety issues. Volunteers are obligated to act responsibly with regards to health and safety as outlined in the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and associated regulations. Midsumma Festival's Occupational Health & Safety Policy & Procedure are available on request, please contact the Volunteers Coordinator.

3.15 Recognition of volunteer Dedication

Midsumma Festival thanks and acknowledges the contributions and achievements of our volunteers and recognises that the festival could not happen if not for your dedication and commitment. Midsumma Festival shows its appreciation by extending an invitation to attend the Midsumma Wrap Party for volunteers, artists and staff. The festival can provide all registered volunteers with a digital certificate of participation upon request.

3.16 Certification

Some roles undertaken by volunteers require by law a professional certification or compliance card. If you hold a Victorian Working With Children's Check, Responsible Service of Alcohol or First Aid Certificate, please provide a copy to us. Within the current external environment, it may be a requirement that staff and volunteers for permitted events be double vaccinated for Covid-19 to meet event permit requirements of agreed safety precautions. As such, Midsumma will require certification of this status prior to rostering/shift attendance if required by the Government.

3.17 Other Terms and Conditions

Midsumma Festival has, and may introduce, a number of policies and procedures to assist it produce the festival, comply with its legal obligations and support those working for it. By signing this agreement, you agree to be bound by, and to comply with, these policies and procedures as amended from time to time.

Midsumma Festival welcomes volunteers of all ages, however if you are under 18 we will need to have a parent or guardian co-sign the Volunteer Agreement. Please print the Volunteer Agreement (for under-age volunteers), and get a parent or guardian to sign it then email a scanned copy to the Volunteers Coordinator c/- [email protected].

Volunteering Year-Round

If you would like to assist throughout the year in the Midsumma Office we'd especially love to hear from you - please fill in the Volunteer Application - Midsumma Year-round form and we'll be in touch. You can also email us at [email protected] or phone us on 03 9296 6600.

To hear the latest updates about volunteering and summer placements, subscribe to our eNews, which is issued fortnightly throughout the year.

Work With Us

With a small core team working from the Midsumma Office in Melbourne's CBD all year round, we increase our team size with seasonal staff, summer placements and volunteers from September to February each year.

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By making a donation to Midsumma Festival you are making a difference for LGBTQIA+ communities in Melbourne, and Australia.

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