About Midsumma

Image: Midsumma Extravaganza 2019 by Suzanne Balding

About Midsumma Festival

Midsumma is Australia's premier queer arts and cultural organisation, bringing together a diverse mix of LGBTQIA+ artists, performers, communities and audiences.

Our primary event, Midsumma Festival, usually runs over 22 days in Melbourne's summer (January/February) each year with an explosion of queer events that center around hidden and mainstream queer culture, involving local, interstate, and international artists.

Midsumma Festival will return in 2022 from Sunday 23 Jan to Sunday 13 February.

The Midsumma Festival program comprises a curated Midsumma Presents line-up plus the community-driven Open-access stream, to share with you the lived experiences of those voices at the margins, the expression of queer history, and the celebration of new ideas and stories that come to life through world-class art and performance. 

Our festival program is made up of diverse art forms and genres, including visual arts, live music, theatre, spoken word, cabaret, film, parties, sport, social events, and public forums. Featuring over 194 events in 2022, 194 events in 2020, and 163 events in 2021 despite COVID-19 limitations, with involvement by over 5000 culture-makers in over 100 different venues across Melbourne and wider Victoria - to audiences averaging 255,202 attendees over the past four years.

Our Leadership Position

Since 1988, we have evolved with our communities and repositioned ourselves as a globally-relevant cultural influencer and thought leader, while keeping learning and diversity at our heart. We have experienced rapid growth in audiences, breadth and scope of artist and community engagement, and depth of artistic partnerships and new work developed. We have matured to become one of Australia’s most significant queer arts organisations, supporting generations of LGBTQIA+ cultural voices, discovering artists and starting conversations that shape queer art and culture forever.

While we stay committed to our roots, with the primary three-week festival usually held in summer each year, we work year-round to provide artists, social-changers, and culture-makers with support and tools to create, present and promote their work. The most significant of these programs are Midsumma Futures and Midsumma Pathways, which provide mentorship, networking and development opportunities for early-career artists and culture-makers.

Welcome to the new decade of Midsumma Festival!

While new initiatives have been received incredibly well by our communities and the arts industry, they provide just a small taste of the comprehensive creative and cultural strategies that the Midsumma team has planned. We know we can make a difference locally and nationally all year round. Take a look at our Artistic Outcomes from 2019.


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Work With Us

With a small core team working from the Midsumma Office in Melbourne's CBD all year round, we increase our team size with seasonal staff, summer placements and volunteers from September to February each year. 

Midsumma Staff & Board

Midsumma is powered by a small team of hard working community-and-arts engaged professional producers, managers, festival staff and work-placements.

Midsumma Extravaganza 2019 - photo by Suzanne Balding

Midsumma Year Round

Want to know what else we do (apart from run a fantastic arts festival each year, of course)! Check out our mentorship programs and year-round activities.

Midsumma Year Round
DJ with arms outstretched before a large crowd at Midsumma Carnival 2019

Midsumma Festival Dates

Mark your calendar for the upcoming Festival, usually held in Jan and Feb each year.

Midsumma Festival Dates
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