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Consent Festival 2019 By Alexis Desaulniers Lea

On this page you will find 'Participate' facilities that are not a key focus at this time of the year. As the year progresses, these will be updated in readiness for the next festival, and placed back into the Participate menu.

Event Producer Resources

Everything you need to know about producing your Midsumma Festival event - lots of resources and advice to help you plan and deliver a fantastic event.

Midsumma and Australia Post Art Award

Since its inauguration in 2016 the Midsumma and Australia Post Art Award has quickly established itself as an important award in the ecology of the arts.

Midsumma Futures

Midsumma Futures is a nine-month development and mentoring program for early-career artists and culture-makers, kicking off in October and running until May.

Midsumma Pathways

Midsumma Pathways is a nine-month mentorship program for LGBTQIA+ artists with disability. The Pathways program provides a queer context for fourteen LGBTQIA+ participants with disability to develop their artistic practices. It includes access to professional mentoring, group workshops and contact with arts industry representatives, that build participants' capacity.

Open-access Event Registrations

Midsumma Festival is open-access - that means that anybody can register an event to be part of the festival. Find out what's involved in registering your event to be included in a future Midsumma Festival.

Performer Expression of Interest

Let us know if you're interested in performing at one of the Midsumma Presents events, including Midsumma Carnival and Midsumma Pride March.

Queer My Head Info

LGBTIQA+ artists, makers, writers, crafters and creatives with lived experience of mental health challenges related to living in a cis-centric, heteronormative world are invited to submit works to the Queer My Head exhibition.

Queer Playwriting Award

The annual Queer Playwriting Award (previously Playtime Staged Readings), a collaboration between Gasworks Arts Park and Midsumma Festival, is part of the Midsumma Presents Program. 

Venue Registrations

This is where you can find out what's involved in having your venue participate in a future Midsumma Festival.

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Major Partners
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