Incorporated Association Membership

Midsumma And Australia Post Art Prize Attendees By Eugene Howard

About Membership of the Midsumma Festival Incorporated Association

Midsumma’s governance is overseen by an incorporated association and membership is focused around the association’s Annual General Meeting. Members of the association are invited to, and have voting rights at, the association's Annual General Meeting or any Special General Meetings of members, and are eligible to nominate for the board of management.

Other Ways you might support Midsumma

If you are more interested in being actively hands on with Midsumma activities, please consider volunteering. The volunteers page can be found at Volunteer with Us

If you are interested in financially supporting Midsumma or receiving VIP benefits, please consider becoming a highly valued Midsumma Patron or making a general donation to Midsumma.

Members of the incorporated association agree to:

  1. Support us in fulfilling Midsumma's mission and objectives and upholding all Midsumma’s stated values;
  2. Be committed to supporting Midsumma’s core purpose as an arts organisation focused on creative arts outcomes for all diverse LGBTQIA+ artists and audiences;
  3. Share a passion for the artistic and cultural development of queer arts and culture here in Melbourne and nationally;
  4. Be awarded with voting rights within the Midsumma organisation Annual General Meetings providing approved and financial within required timeframes of the constitution each general meeting;
  5. Agree to be bound by the incorporation's rules of Midsumma, policies, values and core purpose as an arts organisation.

Membership levels

There are three types of membership available:

  • Individual: $40 inc. GST
  • Family: $60 inc. GST (covers two adults living at the same address)
  • Affiliated Organisation: $85 inc. GST

If you are interested in becoming a Midsumma Festival Inc. member please fill out the form below which allows us to better understand your interest in Midsumma. Memberships are subject to approval at the next available board meeting as per Midsumma’s constitution. An invoice for annual membership will be forwarded following this approval. Membership is not formalised until payment has been received.

Enter your preferred name and family name
You may optionally provide an organisation name
A mobile phone number is preferred
E.g. 16 Main St, Richmond VIC 3121
By signing this membership application form I agree to support the stated values of Midsumma Festival, its constitution, code of conduct, and to always act in the best interests of all diverse communities and of Midsumma Festival as a whole, with its core purpose as a national leadership organisation focused on the development of arts and culture in Melbourne, Victoria and nationally.

Other ways you can help

Interested in financially supporting Midsumma's activities?

Consider becoming a Midsumma Patron

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Become a Midsumma Patron

By becoming a Midsumma 2020 Patron you not only get the VIP treatment at our signature events but you also receive regular behind the scenes updates on Midusmma’s activity as the festival develops and invitations to attend VIP events throughout the 22-day festival.

Become a Patron
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Donate to Midsumma

Midsumma is a non-profit organisation staffed by a small team of committed professionals, governed by a voluntary Board of Management, and supported by hundreds of generous and passionate volunteers every year.

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