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Midsumma Presents Program

Midsumma Presents is Midsumma's producing arm of the festival, where we collaborate with outstanding artists and cultural institutions from Victoria and around the world. It's intersectional, it's vibrant and it brings people together.

Midsumma Presents
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A Brave(R) Space

Now is the time for bravery; the championing of our diverse cultural warriors as we come together as artists, audiences and communities to be the change-makers for our future.

A Brave(R) Space

Queer PHOTO - 27 January – 24 March 2024

Featuring 17 artists, 14 exhibitions, 30 free interactive events and 7 locations, Queer PHOTO is a multi-pronged program transforming iconic venues and the streets of the West into a gallery of accessible and highly visible visual artworks from LGBTQIA+ artists.


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You can view the massive Midsumma Festival 2024 program in many different ways (see below!!), and when a list of events is displayed you can use the filters to refine the list by event Categories, Accessibility, Dates, Venue/Region or special interest Guides.

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Midsumma Festival Hubs

We are proud to introduce to you our Midsumma Hubs for the 2024 Festival. These Midsumma Hub venues are dedicated to providing you with a diverse showcase of events, across the 22-day festival, to enrich your Midsumma Festival experience. Never miss a beat, with Midsumma Hubs there is something to see or do every day or night of the week.

Festival Hubs


Celebrating queer arts and culture | Midsumma Festival returns from 21 Jan to 11 Feb 2024 | #midsumma

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