Victoria's Pride Street Party

Artwork by Elwyn Murray

A landmark program of pride

Victoria’s Pride (previously Melbourne Pride) is held across the state from December to February, including events in regional and rural areas. The tour of state-wide events culminates into a full-day and night street party in Melbourne’s iconic Gertrude and Smith Street precinct - in 2025 the street party will be held on Sunday 9 February 2025.

Midsumma delivers Victoria’s Pride in partnership with the Victorian State Government. 

*Locals: If you are a Trader or Resident in the City of Yarra, please visit our Victoria's Pride information page.

Victoria's Pride is in Ngár-go/Fitzroy and Yálla-birr-ang/Collingwood, a highly significant area for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rights Movement. Familiarise yourself with the history and stories by visiting Yalinguth.

The details below are from the 2024 street party, but similar arrangements are envisaged for 2025.

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The iconic Gertrude and Smith Streets will once again be transformed into a free, all-day, jam-packed, block party for all ages, with multiple live music stages and performances from local and international musicians and artists to celebrate Victoria’s diverse LGBTIQ+ communities.

Local businesses all down Gertrude and Smith Street will benefit from the party – serving food and drink to the thousands of people expected to attend across the day, while some will be incorporated into the party with shopfront activations and performances in venues. 

Victoria's Pride is an opportunity for LGBTQIA+ Victorians and the wider community to come together as one to celebrate the remarkable journey of equality through inspirational arts, community involvement, food, and culture.

Map of the Victoria's Pride Street Party precinct

Download Victoria's Pride Street Party PDF Map (591 KB)

Map of Vicky P Stall and Food Vendor Locations

Map of the Victoria's Pride Street Party precinct
Download Victoria's Pride Street Party PDF map with stall block locations (896 KB)

The Victoria's Pride Street Party is situated on Smith Street, Gertrude Street and Peel Park, with road closures affecting tram route 86. The area is well serviced by other public transport options with many points delivering you right to the entrance of the event precinct.


  • Smith St/Victoria Pde, tram route 109 stop 15. Low-floor trams available with level access stop.
  • Smith St/Victoria Pde, tram route 12 stop 15. This route is not currently serviced by low-floor trams.
  • Brunswick St/Gertrude St, tram route 11 stop 13.
  • Nicholson St/Gertrude St, tram route 96 stop 11 at Melbourne Museum. Low-floor trams available with level access stop.
  • NOTE: Tram route 86 will have bus replacements operating between Stop 11 (Melbourne Museum) and Stop 25 (Clifton Hill Interchange), diverting around the Victoria's Pride event via Nicholson and Johnston streets.
  • NOTE: Swanston Street trams have diversions and service changes due to tram track renewal works - see PTV: Swanston Street Tram Routes for details.


  • Smith St/Johnston Street routes 207, 202 and 200.
  • Smith St/Victoria Pde routes 908, 906, 305, 907, 905, 304, 302, 303, 309, 318 and 350.

Make plans by downloading the TramTRACKER application or by using the Public Transport Victoria journey planner.


There is bicycle parking in many locations on Napier Street, especially in the vicinity of Fitzroy Town Hall.
Please refrain from locking your bicycle to event infrastructure. Bicycles found attached to temporary fencing will be removed.


Several streets will be affected by road closures and traffic changes. The safest point to direct your rideshare pick up or drop off is:

  • Intersection of Langridge and Oxford St, Collingwood
  • Intersection of Derby St and Oxford St, Collingwood

There is a lit, grassed public park situated here with bench seating. From this point, it is a 2 minute walk to the heart of the event.


Both paid and non-paid parking in Yarra is in limited supply. We recommend taking public transport, cycling or using a rideshare service.

The street party has two main stages (Smith Street Stage and Gertrude Street Stage) plus a host of activations all around the precinct. Programming on the Smith Street Stage and the Gertrude Street Stage will be Auslan interpreted.



  • 11am–3:15pm Victoria Falconer & Sarah Carroll
  • 3:15pm–9pm 2Joocee


  • 11:00am: Welcome To Country – Uncle Colin Hunter
  • 11:15am: Motherless Collective
  • 12:00pm: Play Date, by All The Queens Men
  • 12:45pm: Tom Nethersole
  • 1:45pm: Pacifique X Fiafia Pride Celebration
  • 2:45pm: Nastia (Briefs Factory)
  • 2:50pm: Serenity (Briefs Factory)
  • 3:00pm: The Huxleys, ft Simone Page Jones, Bendy Ben & Jandruze
  • 3:45pm: Grumble Boogie
  • 4:45pm: JXCKY
  • 5:30pm: The Buoys
  • 6:30pm: Brendan Maclean
  • 7:30pm: LION
  • 8:00pm: Serenity (Briefs Factory)
  • 8:15pm: Maya Vice
  • 9:00pm: Stage closes



  • 11am–3pm Aysha Buffet
  • 3pm–9pm Sarah Ward


  • 11:15am: shOUT Youth Chorus
  • 11:45pm: YUMMY – Kids Extravaganza
  • 12:15pm: Bambi (House of Buffet)
  • 12:20pm: Angel (House of Buffet)
  • 1:00pm: The Lost Girls
  • 2:00pm: Tavonga (House of Buffet)
  • 2:05pm: Thomas Worrell (Briefs Factory)
  • 2:15pm: Formal Proceedings
  • 2:50pm: Colombian Dance with Pride & Zumba Workshop with Wendy Nedd and LAHRC – Latin American & Hispanic Rainbow Community
  • 3:30pm: House of Buffet
  • 3:45pm: Cry Club
  • 4:30pm: Nastia (Briefs Factory)
  • 4:35pm: Thomas Worrell (Briefs Factory)
  • 5:00pm: Kira Puru
  • 6:00pm: YUMMY
  • 7:00pm: Sycco (headlining artist)
  • 8:00pm: Kitty Obsidian
  • 8:15pm: Samuel Gaskin and BEAT Entertainment present HONŌUR, with special guests & DJ Mon Franco
  • 9:15pm: Stage Closes


  • 11:15am DJ atomcage
  • 12:15pm DJ RIE
  • 1:15pm DJ Mowgli
  • 3:00pm DJ Alex Mac
  • 4:15pm Hospitable Takeover
  • 5:45pm DJ Jazz Collins
  • 7:15pm DJ Goatspokesperson


  • 11:15am DJ Goddess Naavikaran
  • 12:45pm Mr.Weir, rep. Mary!
  • 2:15pm Social Disco
  • 3:45pm DJ Pablo, rep. The 86
  • 5:15pm DJ Emilio, rep. UBQ
  • 6:45pm DJ Lil Mac


  • 11:15am Q-Lit Poetry
  • 1:00pm DJ Hyperprism, rep. The Laird
  • 2:00pm DJ Sunny Bonez, rep. Bonez Alt Queer Party
  • 3:00pm DJ Sugar Plump Fairy, rep. Grouse Bar
  • 4:00pm DJ OMG Becky, rep. Beers for Queers
  • 5:00pm DJ Argonaut, rep. Sircuit
  • 6:00pm DJ Mason Browne, rep. Closet
  • 7:00pm DJ Tali, rep. Unicorns
  • 8:00pm DJ Hotpink, rep. ThursGay


  • 12:45pm/2:00pm/3:00pm/4:00pm/5:00pm Crumpler, ft. Moxie Delight
  • 1:15pm/2:15pm/3:15pm/4:15pm/5:15pm Grouse Bar, ft. Storytime with Barry Gumnut, Valerie Hex, Betty Grumble
  • 1:30pm/2:30pm/3:30pm/4:30pm/5:30pm Rose Chong’s Costumes, ft. Rosie Roulette
  • 1:45pm/2:45pm/3:45pm/4:45pm/5:45pm Barbarella Hair, ft. Scarlett So Hung Son
  • 1:45pm/2:45pm/3:45pm/4:45pm/5:45pm Builders Arms upstairs, ft. Yasemin Sabuncu
  • 1:15pm/2:15pm/3:15pm/4:15pm/5:15pm The Gertrude Hotel, ft Ruby Slippers, Dandrogyny


  • 11:30pm – 1:00pm Drag King Boi Band
  • 12:00pm – 1:30pm Punk Emu’s
  • 12:00pm & 2:00pm Queer As Foxtrot
  • 5:00pm – 6:30pm Love Heart Dancers


  • Peter Waples Crowe at Sandpit, 118 Gertrude St
  • Lucy Weir at Jesse Bennett Studio, 231 Gertrude St,
  • Lucy Weir at Gabrielle deVietri, 188-196 Gertrude St
  • Scotty So at Alice Edgeley, 220 Gertrude St
  • Scotty So at HAVN, 198-200 Gertrude St
  • ENOKI at Bailey and Nelson, 161 Gertrude St
  • ENOKI at Crumpler, 87 Smith St
  • The Huxleys at Rollie Nation, 225-227 Gertrude St
  • Glynn Urquhart at Rollie Nation, 225-227 Gertrude St


  • 11:15am Homophonic! at George St
  • 11:00am-6:00pm Queer-Ways at George St 
  • 11:00am-6:00pm Pride Finder at George St 
  • 11:00am-9:00pm DJ Nic Holland, George St Playlists
  • 12:15pm Homophonic! Smith St & Mason St
  • 1:30pm The Pride Cymbals, Little George St
  • 2:30pm The Pride Cymbals, Little George St


  • 8:30pm–1:30am ‘Still Thriving’ by Dylan Mooney

GUEST PERFORMERS – Various Locations

  • Kitty Obsidian
  • Thomas Worrell
  • Serenity (Dylan Rodriquez)
  • Nastia (Luke Hubbard)
  • Disco Daddies
  • Theresa Problem
  • Mum
  • Dazza and Keif
  • Miss Jay
  • Aysha Buffet
  • Egson Ham
  • Max

The Victoria's Pride Street Party is a celebration of queer arts and cultures taking place at the iconic Gertrude and Smith Streets in Fitzroy. This event has been designed with the varied needs of our diverse communities in mind.

There is clear directional signage across the site indicating facilities and services. The site is also staffed by our friendly crew and volunteers if you have any questions or need more information. On event day, you will be able to text or call Midsumma’s accessibility hotline on 0437 557 109 for information or assistance.

Getting There

Accessible Drop-Off Bay for Vehicles: Centrally located on Smith Street (see Google map). Travelling south, enter Smith St from Johnston St. Drop off is on Smith St, near the intersection of Charles St. Exit is via Charles St (see photo below - the arrow is pointing towards Charles St). This drop-off point has wheelchair access to the curb. Volunteers will be present, positioned in the closest white marquee, to assist with wayfinding if required.

There is no accessible parking onsite. The closest accessible parking is on surrounding streets or in the Collingwood Coles Carpark.

Photo of drop off zone for Victorias Pride Street Party

Access Coordinator

For the first time this year, Victoria’s Pride will have an Access Coordinator on site to support a team of Volunteer Access Champions who will be working specifically on supporting access for audiences and artists. If you or someone you are with requires one-on-one support navigating the Victoria’s Pride precinct, or guidance to finding and using the available provisions, our Access Coordinator can be contacted by:

  • Asking one of the friendly volunteers at the entrances
  • Asking at the Info Tent
  • Texting or calling Midsumma’s accessibility hotline on 0437 557 109

Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Access within the Precinct

The Victoria’s Pride precinct is a street-based celebration, allowing wheelchair access across the site. Care has been taken to avoid blocking regular pathways and ramps. Infrastructure and volunteers will be in place to assist in areas of possible congestion.

Specific facilities provided for users of wheelchairs include:

  1. Charging Facility: at the main Information Tent on Gertrude Street.
  2. Wheelchair Lift: available at the Smith Street stage.
  3. Accessible Toilets: all temporary toilet stations set up for the event include an accessible toilet. There are 3 across the site, plus a permanent facility installed near the intersection of Peel St and Smith St.

Designated Viewing Areas

Positioned close to the front of each stage for people with varying requirements.

Auslan Interpretation

  • Smith Street Stage: All programming on the Smith Street Stage will be interpreted by a team comprising Deaf and hearing interpreters, coordinated by Break a Finger.
  • Gertrude Street Stage: All programming on the Gertrude Street Stage will be interpreted by a team comprising Deaf and hearing interpreters, coordinated by Auslan Stage Left.
  • Stallholders Precincts: Three Roving Interpreters will be available in the Stallholders Precinct. Roving Interpreters are provided by Expression Australia. To access this service, please see the Expression Australia Stall on Gertrude St near George St.

Audio Description & Travelling Touch Tour

Travelling Touch Tour (for blind and low vision attendees) - from 12:45pm to 5pm, meet at the accessible drop off point (near Smith St & Charles St).

This dynamic guided tour, especially curated for blind and low vision attendees, is packed with music, performances, food, art, stalls and stories that celebrate local diverse LGBTIQ+ communities, and features 80s and 90s women rocker supergroup The Lost Girls, and much more! To read detailed information of this tour, download the flyer HERE (MS Word doc).

This tour is free but bookings are essential and guides are available upon request. To book your place in the tour, and/or to request a guide, please contact Nilgun Guven (she/her) at Vitae Veritas:

Elders Retreat and Low Sensory Space

  • Victoria’s Pride and VAHS (Victorian Aboriginal Health Service) are working together to provide an Elders Retreat and Low Sensory Space at Charcoal Lane (a grand white building with bright yellow doors, located at 136 Gertrude St, Fitzroy).
  • This space will be available from 12pm-7pm.
  • The space is indoors and air-conditioned.
  • The space is wheelchair accessible.
  • This is an alcohol and drug-free environment.
  • The space will contain beanbags and materials for colouring in.
  • There may be a speaker there playing low key music that is different to the music being played at the event.
  • There will be water available and tea and coffee-making facilities.
  • First Aid facilities are directly opposite this space.
  • This is an Elders retreat and Victoria Pride has been given special permission to make this space available to those who need to access a low sensory environment during the event.

Social Story

  • Download a social story here for a visual map with images from the Victoria's Pride site to guide people through the event site ahead of time.
  • The social story will be posted to our social media accounts prior to the event.

Children & Families

  • The entire Victoria's Pride precinct is pram accessible. The majority of permanent bitumen pathways remain free of infrastructure to maximise accessible routes across the site. Please keep in mind there is likely to be large crowds on the site later in the day.
  • There is a Parent Pod located on Gertrude Street that is air conditioned and has space for breast/chest-feeding as well as baby change facilities.


There are 3 x locations of gender-neutral portable toilets across the site and every one of these locations has an accessible toilet. Locations of toilets are:

  • Little Oxford Street
  • George Street
  • Young Street

All back of house areas have accessible toilets for our artists and staff.

Commitment to Ongoing Improvement

  • Midsumma has a range of ways that you can provide feedback to us. A feedback form will be linked here in the coming days. For Auslan-users, Expression Australia will provide a bilingual feedback form in Auslan and English. You can also contact us after the event at [email protected].

Additional accessibility services and features will be listed here as arrangements are finalised.

For information about accessibility facilities across the festival, see Access Information.

*Locals: If you are a Trader or Resident in the City of Yarra, please visit our Victoria's Pride information page.

Local businesses all down Gertrude and Smith Street will benefit from the party – serving food and drink to the thousands of people expected to attend across the day, while some will be incorporated into the party with shopfront activations and performances in venues. 

Check out the 2024 Vicky P's Perks >>


Victoria’s Pride street party occurs on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung People of the Eastern Kulin Nations, in Ngár-go/Fitzroy and Yálla-birr-ang/Collingwood. 

Download the Yalinguth app to journey through an immersive audio experience to learn about First Nations history and stories focused around Gertrude Street.

Check out the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation to support First Nations communities in the area and learn more about the local history.

The location and event style of Victoria's Pride is an initiative of the State Government of Victoria and was announced by the Premier and relevant Minister.    

Midsumma recognises the strong historical and significant part that LGBTQIA+ operated and aligned businesses and events in the Yarra area must play in the broader scope of Melbourne’s queer histories.

Victoria's Pride has the capacity to not only support and celebrate our artists, creative industries, and diverse communities, but also generate significant economic benefits to the Yarra area and its local businesses, particularly relevant after the hardships experienced through lengthy pauses in trade.

The live street party event is part of a broader Statewide group of events commemorating the significance of the year.

Absolutely! Victoria’s Pride is a multi-generational, family friendly celebration. The program offers an abundance of diverse options with some activities and performances for our younger attendees focused in the earlier part of the day.

The entire Victoria's Pride precinct is pram accessible. The majority of permanent bitumen pathways remain free of infrastructure to maximise accessible routes across the site. Please keep in mind there is likely to be large crowds on the site later in the day.

There is a Parent Pod located on Gertrude Street that is air conditioned and has space for breast/chest-feeding as well as baby change facilities.

There is a range of family friendly programming on offer at Victoria’s Pride including:

  • 12:15pm Grumble Boogie at Peel Street Park

  • 1pm Kokonutz will be performing a circus and beatboxing act on the Gertrude Stage (Auslan Interpreted).

  • 2pm ShOUT Youth Choir on the Smith Street Stage (Auslan Interpreted).

  • 2:45pm Grumble Boogie on the Smith Street Stage (Auslan Interpreted).

  • Additionally, keep an eye out for roving performances across the site:

    The Punk Emus by Po Po Mo Co

    The Drag King Boi Band by Beef


    Skate Odyssey

    The Love Heart Dancers by Po Po Mo Co

The inner North event precinct is in a renowned mecca for fabulous food and dining options. A diverse selection of fare is on offer from local traders in the area, supported by mobile food vans and stalls selling non-alcoholic beverages designed to keep you cool at Victoria’s Pride. Whether you feel like a sweet treat or savoury platter, meatlovers, vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, guilt-free and sugar-free, diners will be able to find something appetising to delight in. Thanks to the fabulous offerings of Gertrude St, Smith St and Peel St, Victoria’s Pride will have it all.

Specific Victoria’s Pride deals can be located on Vicky P’s Perks.

No. To minimise the risk of injury, Victoria’s Pride has a strict no glass policy across the site. Beverages purchased across the site will be served in sustainable, non-glass vessels or cans. Please ensure personal water bottles are also non-breakable.

Midsumma will provide umbrellas around the event precinct for the public to use. There is a strict permit and approval process that informs what can and cannot be on site. Please do not bring your own tent or structure to the event as event staff will be required to remove it.

Check out Victoria’s Pride: ACCESSIBILITY for a comprehensive description of services available at Melbourne Pride.

Victoria's Pride a statewide event and official programming on the event outdoor stages is committed to highlighting a majority of Victorian-based talent.    

Midsumma encourages all the fabulous LGBTQIA+ venues in the Yarra precinct to be involved and mark this momentous occasion. There is no need to officially register to participate or run an aligned event, but conversation about how support can best be provided is welcome and Midsumma will assist with promoting aligned venues and activities.              

The event itself will be alcohol-free and temporary food services will be kept to a minimum. Attendees will be encouraged to explore local food and beverage traders throughout the day.

Pets are welcome at Victoria’s Pride provided they are on a lead at all times, however it is important to consider the comfort levels of your furry friend in a highly populated, outdoor space during the heat of Summer. Before deciding to bring them along, we highly recommend taking the necessary precautions to ensure your pet feels happy, is protected from the heat and stays hydrated. Please ensure you clean up after your pet and that care is taken around event infrastructure to avoid unwanted ‘watering’!

Midsumma will have weather monitoring equipment and a dedicated professional risk assessor present at Victoria’s Pride. Our first priority is you and our community's safety at all times. If severe rain or smoke is forecast and detected on the day we will pause the activities on the stages until it is safe to resume. For weather and air updates in Melbourne visit the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology and for pollen sensitivity check Melbourne Pollen​​. Make sure you have a contingency plan, stay safe in all weather, and look after each other.

Victoria’s Pride will be held outdoors, in the middle of Summer. It is important to remember to:

  • Slip on a shirt - Consider a fabric that offers maximum UV protection.
  • Slop on sunscreen - Apply multiple times throughout the day. Free sunscreen will be available at the centrally located Information Tent.
  • Slap on a hat - or work a snazzy parasol into your party kit.
  • Hydrate regularly - there are 2 free water hydration stations onsite.

It’s important to remember that the event is a street-based party and shade is limited. Umbrellas will be placed around the site where possible as part of temporary event seating, however these will be in high demand.

Check the SunSmart website for the current UV rating and advice on how to minimise sunburn and heat related illnesses, the Bureau of Meteorology website for weather forecasts and warnings or the EPA Victoria website for information about air quality ratings.

If you are working for a media organisation and intend to use film, photography or interviews of participants or performing artists for content, please get in touch with Felicity McIntosh, Midsumma's Marketing Manager, at [email protected] to request media accreditation.

If you are capturing memories for personal use, we ask you to please be respectful and ask for people’s permission before doing so.

Victoria Police have a presence at Victoria's Pride, as with all Victoria's large-scale events, organised protests and parades, police officers are present as part of the event permit. The event permit requires Vic Pol to be present to monitor external threats or any situation that may become unsafe for event attendees.

Midsumma works with Vic Pol to encourage officers at these events to be LLO LGBTIQ+ Liaison Officers.

Victoria Police has over 450 LGBITQ+ liaison officers (LLOs), serving as contact points for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer community.

Find out what LLO responsibilities are.

To get in contact with an LLO, speak to a police officer at your local police station.

Midsumma have engaged a professional Cleaning and Waste Management Company. Waste management staff will ensure that facilities are regularly cleaned and sanitized, waste is promptly removed and garden areas are kept tidy.

Additional rubbish bins, toilets and hand washing facilities will be on site for operations and removed once the event has concluded. 

Temporary food services and single-use items will be kept to a minimum, as attendees will be encouraged to explore and support local food and beverage traders throughout the day.

Road closures will be in place for Victoria's Pride Street Party to prioritise pedestrian traffic and safety.

Midsumma’s professional risk management consultants and traffic management team have designed a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan that has been reviewed and approved by the Yarra City Council.    

Traffic Controllers will be positioned in key areas of the precinct to allow for smooth flow of local traffic and to provide information at road closures.

The below roads will be closed between 3am Sunday 12 until 3am Monday 13:

Gertrude Street, between Brunswick Street and Oxford Street

Smith Street, between Victoria Parade and Charles Street

Peel Street, between Smith Street and Cambridge Street

Check signage for parking changes.

Midsumma have contracted public event security specialists to oversee and manage crowd behaviour at Victoria's Pride Street Party. Event personnel, including staff, volunteers and First Aid professionals will assist in monitoring.

In addition to this, a dedicated and central Event Operations Centre with representatives from Midsumma, Yarra City Council, Emergency Services, Public Transport Victoria, First Aid, Traffic management controllers and Victoria Police will be in place, and will maintain constant radio contact with all event staff on the ground.

Midsumma respects the Yarra City Council’s commitment to provide a liveable, supportive
environment for all of its residents. The event will comply with policies regulating all noise affecting public places, either by its nature or volume. The site plan has been curated to ensure that generated noise is funnelled towards the audience and away from residencies. Stage announcements will request attendees to leave in a quiet and orderly manner.

Victoria’s Pride is a large event involving a lot of people and Midsumma apply great care when planning to ensue measures are in place to help reduce the impact on our environment:

  • Dedicated recycling and food waste bins are located across site, encouraging attendees to recycle where possible.
  • Hydration stations and bubblers are provided not only to encourage participants to keep well hydrated, but also to promote the use of refillable water bottles and avoid single use plastic heading to landfill.
  • No balloons, streamers or glitter are allowed on site. Eco-glitter is allowable.
  • Electricity is provided via mains power or bio-diesel generators.
  • Food traders are encouraged to use only biodegradable products.
  • Volunteers and staff members are provided with refillable water bottles to be refilled at the hydration stations.
  • Signage has been created with longevity in mind where possible. Recyclable corflute is used for dated and single event marketing.

Only registered stallholders are able to sell merchandise.

Midsumma are in close communication with the relevant Victorian Government authorities and will follow all public event guidelines provided by the government.

Any changes made to Victoria’s Pride will be communicated through multiple channels as soon as possible.

Victoria's Pride Regional Events

To ensure statewide representation of LGBTQIA+ arts and cultures. Victoria's Pride commissioned community groups, organisations and artists in regional Victoria to facilitate involvement in Victoria's Pride event activities, either in the lead-up to or on the day of the Victoria's Pride one-day street party in Melbourne’s inner north.

View Victoria's Pride Regional Activations

Event & ticketing details


Audio Described
Auslan Interpreted
Vision Rating 75%

Dates & Times

WHEN Sun 11 Feb 11am-9pm


FREE No ticket required


Gertrude Street and Smith Street

Gertrude St / Smith St, Fitzroy

Get directions


11 to stop 13 (Gertrude St/Brunswick St) | tram 12, 109 to stop 15 (Smith St/Victoria Pde) | tram 86, 96 to stop 11 (Melbourne Museum)

Event notes


Route 86 trams will experience service changes from 3am to last tram on Sunday 12 February, due to road closures associated with the Victoria's Pride Street Party in Gertrude and Smith Streets.

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