Volunteer Application: Midsumma Year-round

FAMILI 2020 - photo by Suzanne Balding

Volunteering year-round for Midsumma

Oh hello! I hear you'd like to get involved with us at Midsumma as a Volunteer outside of the summer festival period. That's awesome, you're great. Please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch soon.

Personal Details
Enter your mobile number as one long number eg 0406650430
How would you like to be addressed? Feel free to select any that apply or choose your own
Please provide your address in the form: 5/123 Main St, Babbington VIC 3461
Existing medical condition or accessibility needs
You may provide as much or as little information as you prefer. Feel free to write in anything you like, even if you're unsure
Previous Experience
Getting To Know You
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Terms and Conditions
- I understand that I am applying to be a volunteer for Midsumma.

- I understand that there is no guarantee that I will be selected to be a volunteer for Midsumma.

- I understand that if I am under the age of 18 then I require the permission of my parent/guardian to volunteer for Midsumma.
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