Midsumma Presents: the Homophonic! Pride Prize

Midsumma Presents: the Homophonic! Pride Prize. The Composer Award

Inviting Entries for Midsumma’s Homophonic! Pride Prize 2023

Homophonic! and Midsumma are thrilled to announce entries will open soon for the 2023 Homophonic! Pride Prize. The Composer Award, presented by Midsumma. The Homophonic! Pride Prize acknowledges and celebrates the art and achievement of queer-identifying Australian composers from across Australia.

Since its inauguration in 2020 the Homophonic! Pride Prize has quickly established itself as an important award in the society of Australian Composers. With finalists selected from across the country, the 2023 winner will receive a commission of $2,250 to the award recipient to compose a work in collaboration with a Homophonic! performer, and a premiere performance at the next Homophonic! in Midsumma Festival.

Homophonic! is a magically unique experience which produces nothing less than a musical utopia. It features all Australian composers and illuminates the diversity of the collective musical voice. Homophonic! is the flagship show of Melbourne ensemble 3 Shades Black, led by Miranda Hill. It’s a yearly celebration of new music written by queer composers.

3 Shades Black are one of Melbourne's most innovative contemporary music ensembles that are dedicated to experimental and improvisational classical music. The group also focuses on bridging the gap between experimental music and the audiences who are sometimes a bit scared of it. Homophonic! shows are created to be transparent so that any audience member can feel connected and involved in the creation of this new and exciting music.

Miranda Hill brings classical chamber music into focus, telling our queer stories in a joyous and immersive manner. Celebrating queer lives while drawing artistic lineages through the generations. This show

Midsumma and Homophinc! will open invitations for entries to the 2023 Homophonic! Pride Prize in Aug 2022.


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