Midsumma Festival Gift Certificates

Looking for gift ideas?

Maybe we can help! Purchase a Midsumma Gift Certificate for your friends, family or lovers. Midsumma Gift Certificates can be redeemed against any upcoming Midsumma Festival tickets purchased via midsumma.org.au.

When you purchase a Midsumma Gift Certificate, it will be emailed to you just like a regular [email protected] ticket. You can then print or email that to anyone since they are 100% transferable. All the recipient needs in order to redeem their certificate are the unique Gift Certificate number.

Purchasing Midsumma Gift Certificates is transaction fee-free! Gift Certificates can be redeemed against any event in the upcoming festival that is ticketed through Midsumma.

The available gift voucher options are: $10 Voucher, $30 Voucher, $50 Voucher or $100 Voucher.

Gift Vouchers will be on sale until midnight on 11 February, and are valid until 12 February 2023.

Unauthorised duplication or sale of a gift certificate may void the gift certificate. The gift certificates are sold by Midsumma Festival Inc. ABN 50 783 159 198 and can not be exchanged for cash. Valid until the end of the upcoming Midsumma Festival. Gift certificates are non-refundable. The gift certificate is a Tax invoice and the total value of it includes GST if applicable. Gift certificates are valid only for Midsumma Festival tickets purchased through midsumma.org.au. Not valid for other outlets or Midsumma Festival venues.

Remember to keep gift certificates in a safe place and safeguard them as you would money or regular tickets. Multiple copies of a gift certificate will not allow multiple redemptions.

The gift recipient just needs to select the show(s) they wish to attend, then enter their Gift Certificate Number once they arrive at the shopping cart screen. Gift Certificates can be used in conjunction with a credit/debit card.

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