Midsumma Festival Pass

Midsumma Festival 2019 program launch. Photo by Suzanne Balding


Your Midsumma Festival Pass entitles you to a range of benefits.

** Please note that for security reasons, VIP passes do not provide access to backstage areas of the festival.

Ticket benefits: Midsumma Pass Friendly Events
Producers may at their discretion decide to provide entry for their shows to credential holders 'at the door' where tickets remain available to such shows after all paying patrons have entered. Where applicable, one free entry only per pass; no plus-ones! Remember that passes are not transferable, and that front of house reserve the right to ask for verification that it is indeed your pass (i.e. show your ID, your social media pages, the bio section of your website or any other way your can verify your name alongside a photo of yourself). Check back here for further information and regular updates on applicable events throughout the festival.

A woman in black leather pants and a puffy white top screams at a tall man in drag makeup wearing plaid pants and leaning against a hot pink wall
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#Really?! with Mel & Peppy

23 Apr-2 May
4 drag queens wearing sequined pink dresses and pink head pieces standing in a diamond formation in front of a pink to orange gradient background
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24 Apr-2 May
Scattered colourful crayons with a close up of crayon shavings in a rainbow pattern
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A number of figures surrounding a central performer, with arms outstretched over that person
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After Dark

1-3 May
Black and white image. A glamorous drag queen in a low-cut, sparkling, sequin gown lies forward on a chaise lounge, gazing into the camera.
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Ballads & Ballgowns

3-5 May
There are two women sitting closely at a grand piano, looking at the camera. They are dressed in evening clothing.
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Blue is the Colour of Love

1 May
A young man wearing white underwear, sitting on a high stool, in front of a pink background.
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19-24 Apr
A mid-shot of a young woman in a beat up leather jacket, it has a large hood that covers the top half of her face. She sits in front of a bench with t
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Randy Roy, a drag king with a swirly moustache, is holding a book called
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Highway To The Twilight Zone

22-24 Apr
Four drag kings in various poses, with a person in a guerilla suit hanging upside down in front of them
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Kong's Drag Kings

20-24 Apr
Man with thick eyebrows and stubble drinks soy milk while looking up to the sky in scorn.
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29 Apr-2 May
A muscly man stands naked with his index finger to his lip, another naked man stands in front of him with his baked turned, next to a muscly torso
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A person jumping up and hitting a shuttlecock with a Rainbow backdrop

Serve It, Smash It, Love It

2 May
A woman seen from the chest up is looking at the camera, she has a barcode painted on her cheek. A purple light colours the photo.
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Shopping and F*cking

20-25 Apr
Sunny Youngsmith in front a light green and blue checkered background, with gesturing purple cartoon hands orbiting their head.
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Terms & Conditions

19 Apr-5 May
Two male heads in profile, in close proximity, looking at each other
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This Genuine Moment

28 Apr-2 May
Six characters that look like creatures made out of jackets, hats, pants, skirts, sweaters and swimsuits who have come to life..
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10-25 Apr
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