Bake Off - Midsumma Pride March Fundraiser

Bake Off - Midsumma Pride March Fundraiser

The Midsumma Pride March Fundraiser, Bake Off, will return in 2022. The event for 2020 and 2021 was cancelled due to COVID-19. 

For 25 years Pride March has been parading the streets of St Kilda to show pride and celebrate our communities. Let's make Midsumma Pride March the grandest celebration yet!

What's the easiest way to support Pride March? Get baking! In 2021 our fabulous MC, Dean Arcuri, and DT's Hotel in Richmond will host the annual Midsumma Pride March fundraiser, where your skills in the kitchen could see you crowned as Midsumma's baking royalty.

On this day we will also be celebrating a dear friend, Bruce Mckenzie. It was Bruce who stepped in and spearheaded the annual Pride March Bake Off, a community fundraiser that continues to bring us together each year and raise funds for Pride March. It was originally Bruce who reinvigorated Bake Off, getting our community involved and helping to save Pride March, a day which gave everyone in our communities their moment to shine. This year we introduce the Bruce Mckenzie Award - The Peoples Choice - in honour of his loving memory.

There have been some glorious and elaborate cakes in the past, so the bar has been set high. Grab yourself an apron, roll out the marzipan and beat those eggs! The competition is sure to be fierce.

We understand that not everyone is fluent with their fondant or inspired by icing, but don’t let that stop you from attending. There will be a separate section for those who wish to compete the easy way, by purchasing a cake on the day in the auction, or by offering a donation to Midsumma Pride March.

So if baking isn't your scene, then come along to the auction for your chance to take home a show-stopper. All cakes competing in the competition will be auctioned off, with all funds raised going towards the running of Midsumma Pride March. So whether your passion is baking or eating cake, be sure to come along and support this much-loved community event.


Join Us!
We encourage all LGBTQIA+ community groups, individuals, companies, venues, media and allies to get baking (or buying) and enter the Bake Off – the more the merrier!

All funds raised will directly support Midsumma Pride March.

To enter, you can either pre-register online (via our online form) or register in person on the day. To pre-register pay via direct deposit, and have us remind you before the event to stock up on eggs, flour and food-dye. Simply fill out the short form below. Then bring along your cake between 2pm and 3pm on the day.

To register in person and pay cash or credit card simply come to DT's Hotel between 2pm and 3pm on the day of the Bake Off to submit your cake for judging and pay your $10 to the Midsumma crew there.

If possible, please supply a taste tester of your cake so that the judges can taste your entry without having to carve it up prior to the auction.

Cake registration and entry delivery from 2pm 
Event begins 3pm
Cake Auction from 3:30pm

  1. The Most Fabulously Delicious Cake 
    May not look like much, but this cake will make your mother proud. This is the kinda cake you ask for as your last meal. 
  2. The Most Marvellously Stunning Cake
    In this category, the cakes will be so pretty you will not want to look away. Technique is everything for a master cake decorator, or maybe it is just a case of 'Every parent thinks their child is the most beautiful of all.'
  3. Best Melbourne Cup Cake (Best Bite-Size Sweets)
    If you can squeeze it all in one or two mouth-fulls then you are welcome in this category.
  4. Queerest Concoction
    Unleash your queer genes and let your imagination run wild!
  5. Perfect Pastry
    If pastry is your thing, then this brand new category will be perfect to get your creative juices flowing.
  6. THE BRUCE MCKENZIE AWARD - People's Choice - Best Looking Cake
    Everyone can be a judge for a day – audience members will be invited to select the creation that most impresses them.

Besides being a part of the fundraising efforts for Midsumma Pride March and being rewarded with the feel-good fluttering in your stomach of knowing you're contributing to keeping the event alive, there are some wonderful prizes on offer to the winner of each category. 

DT's Hotel logo     A special thanks to Dean Arcuri and DT's Hotel.

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