Feral Queer Camp Application

Image: by Ezra Lurie

Let’s go feral!

(Feral: ‘in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication’)

Be part of a new feral cohort who will consider: how we learn (from each other) about what makes performance queer; how we talk about queer performance; how we make performance; and, above all, how we might develop a network of queer thinkers.

Facilitated by a gaggle of feral queer academics assembled by camp captains Alyson Campbell and Steve Farrier, this is open to anyone in the community – enthusiasts, developing artists, practitioners: people who have not (yet) had access to, or have been let down by, or have chosen not to enter into, Higher Education but are hungry to encounter a utopian queer curriculum largely of their own devising. FQC is about seeing performance and thinking about it; we will have artist conversations and group discussions stemming from the performances in Midsumma festival. We might try some collaborative blogging...

Everyone 18+ is welcome to apply, regardless of experience and, believe us, if a feral queer camp appeals to you ... you are queer enough! We’d love to hear from our more senior members of the community and have a genuinely intergenerational conversation.

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