Yalinguth and Uncle Jack Charles Tribute

Victoria's Pride is in Ngár-go/Fitzroy, a highly significant area for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rights Movement.

Familiarise yourself with the history and stories by visiting Yalinguth, and perhaps downloading their App. In the Woi Wurrung language Yalinguth means ‘yesterday’. The Yalinguth app is an augmented audio experience reflecting the oral storytelling tradition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

On the Gertrude Street stage at Victoria's Pride, Uncle Colin Hunter will give a Welcome to Country at 11am, emceed by Aunty Denise McGuiness. Then at 11:30am Cerulean Uwu and 2Joocee will become your emcees to host a tribute to Uncle Jack Charles, followed by a Blak Block Party, and more...

Poster with text 'UNCLE COLIN HUNTER' + photo of a person holding a mic, presumably of Uncle Colin

Uncle Colin Hunter

Poster of Aunty Denise McGuinness

Aunty Denise McGuinness

Poster honouring Uncle Jack Charles

Uncle Jack Charles

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