Image: by John Knap

by John Knap

‘Heartbeat’ explores the delicate terrain of human emotions, focusing on the often-underrepresented realm of men’s inner-feelings. In a society that has historically imposed rigid expectations upon masculinity, this collection of work explores the liberating journey men embark upon when they allow themselves to express their emotions freely.

These artworks are not merely images on canvas; they are invitations to a profound dialogue. They invite the audience to navigate the emotional landscapes of the modern man; each painting a view into the complexities of the masculine heart. Through vivid images, colours and textures, the artist strives to convey the diverse range of emotions men experience—emotions that are just as rich, multifaceted, and human as those of any gender.

This collection challenges stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding masculinity. It aims to dismantle the notion that vulnerability is a weakness and that emotional expression is reserved solely for one gender. Instead, these portraits celebrate the courage it takes for men to break free from societal constraints, bare their souls, and connect with the full spectrum of their emotions.

'Heartbeat' conveys moments of introspection, joy, sorrow, and resilience. The subjects are not confined to any one age, background, or experience because the journey towards emotional freedom is one that transcends such boundaries. Each image seeks to capture the essence of a story, a moment, or a reflection—a testament to the authenticity of the masculine experience.

Through this exhibition, the artist hopes to foster an environment where viewers feel inspired to engage in conversations about emotional authenticity and the beauty of vulnerability in men. I believe that by allowing men to express their emotions freely, we pave the way for deeper connections, greater empathy, and a more harmonious society.

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English No Barrier
Wheelchair Access
Vision Rating 100%

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OPENING Mon 22 Jan 5:30-7:30pm
EXHIBITION 22 Jan-11 Feb | Daily 9:30am-4:30pm


FREE Free event, no booking required


Gasworks Arts Park - ARB Gallery

21 Graham St, Albert Park

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1 to stop 31 (Graham St/Victoria Ave)


236 to Graham/Pickles St | bus 606 to Bridport/Richardson St

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