Microbial Soup

Image: by Jimmy Twin

A quirky exhibition examining the microbial soup we live in

We live in a microbial soup. On occasion, through bad luck and circumstance, some of the microbes in our soup cause an infection and disease. Through even more bad luck and circumstance, some of these infections cause great stigma which hamper prevention, treatment and recovery. At the end of the day though, infections are infections. Some are fairly harmless; others can cause great damage. If we as a society look at all infections in this way, we can overcome the great stigmas associated with many infections, and address the real risks rather than battling against societal stigma.

Microbial Soup is an exhibition by Jimmy Twin which aims to provide an offbeat and educational viewpoint of the microbial world that affects us all. The works range from traditional art and sculpture to digital works and animation. Accompanying each artwork will be scientifically accurate and unbiased information regarding the microorganisms portrayed.

Microbial Soup is supported by a GLOBE community grant.




Event & ticketing details


English No Barrier
Open Captioned
Vision Rating 75%

Dates & Times

OPENING Fri 19 Jan 6-9pm
EXHIBITION 21 Jan, 23-25 Jan, 27-28 Jan, 30 Jan-1 Feb | Tue-Thu, Sat, Sun 11am-5pm
CAPTIONED all sessions


FREE Free event, no booking required


Dollhouse Gallery Brunswick

289 Lygon St, Brunswick East

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1, 6 to stop 123 (Albert St/Lygon St)

Event notes


New Work


Ages 16+


Themes of a sexual nature, Mature themes

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