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Re/membering paradise by salllvage

This piece was commissioned by Midsumma as part of the COVID-19 responsive initiative Living in the Queerantine. Midsumma launched the small grants program as a response to the mass loss of the Melbourne queer arts industry (due to COVID-19). This piece is part of a series of works from our LGBTQIA+ arts community, that gives Midsumma audiences an insight into queer art during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.


~ salllvage
"As a proud Kombumerri man, in lockdown I've been unable to access my Country, forced to recreate spiritual connections virtually. All sounds are sourced from archival recordings of Kombumerri Country available online. Images are taken from pre-lockdown time spent at Guanaba Indigenous Protected Area and Burleigh Head National Park. Queer underground club culture and the dancefloor are vital spaces of community and energetic regeneration which have also become a fantasy during quarantine. The work is therefore a channelling and transfiguring of an energy which yearns for the communal, into a solitary expression. The piece was captured in a single take, using motion-controlled technology.

The art forms I work with - club music and vogue/ballroom performance - are founded by and exist because of Black people, particularly trans and queer Black people. When this work was first conceptualised, we didn't know that rage against racist injustice was about to overflow into a howl of resistance which would not be denied. As a white-passing person I am not subject to the same oppression that my people in Australia, and Bla(c)k and BIPOC people, face in the US and around the globe, but some of the pain and catharsis of living through these times found its way into the work. Bla(c)k lives matter, and Black trans lives matter."


"Re/membering paradise" by salllvage


Follow the links to find out more about the initiative Living in the Queerantine and to see all of the successful grant applicants. Or visit the Midsumma Blog for more Queerantine works by Midsumma artists.

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