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Meet Inquisitive Ida - Production Assistant, Summer Work Placement

Despite the stars telling her to find a maths focused career, Ida went against her zodiac sign and chose a path of her own. Perhaps it was the wise advice of a teacher that forged this independent mindset, allowing Ida to truly be in her element when planning events (almost as much as when she's attending them).

Meet Ida - Production Assistant, Summer Work Placement 2021-22

Q: Describe yourself in three words:
A Typical Capricorn.

Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
My teacher once gave us the advice “F*** It!”. At first glance it might seem like quite negative and contradictive to being good advice, but it is. Hear me out: It’s about doing whatever is right for you, even if people around you are not brining the same energy. It’s about tooting your own horn when other people don´t.  It’s about saying “F*** It” and then do all those things you know you want to do!

Q: What area of your work are you most passionate about?
Growing up, my Capricorn horoscopes always said I should be an accountant or math teacher or some other boring profession. But now I’ve come to admit I do enjoy staring at thousands of documents, getting myself involved in various event applications and doing all the behind-the-scene stuff. I love seeing the end result after all the event planning and how happy events make people.

Q: What are some emerging trends you have seen this year in the Melbourne arts industry?
More hybrid events, sustainability and really deep immersive experiences with greater attendee engagement.

Q: What is your must-see production/show/event of the year?
I’ve never been to a musical and 2022 is the year of getting out and about so I’m hoping to find someone who will go see the Moulin Rouge musical with me. Also keen on seeing Amyl & The Sniffers in a more intimate setting (I just saw them at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl).

Q: Best festival experience?
I got to see Rage Against the Machine play at a festival in Sweden in, hmm, maybe 2008? It was incredible. The ground was shaking because of people jumping around. They didn’t do many shows after that, so I consider myself very lucky.

Q: What is something surprising that not many people know about you?
I have trypophobia. It´s the fear of certain patterns and holes. If you google lotus seed flower or honeycombs and feel like you want to vomit – you have it too.

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