The artist behind the cover art for Midsumma Festival 2020

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Meet the artist - Elwyn Murray

Since the beginning of Midsumma, the festival has had fresh festival imagery each year. For Midsumma Festival 2020, the artwork was selected as part of a competitive tender process. The artist selected was Elwyn Murray.

The cover art concept

Elwyn proposed 4 portraits of people from different parts of the Melbourne queer community, abstracted and rendered in a distinct visual style, centred as agents of change. This work was intended as an evolution of the community representation present in the 2018 and 2019 Midsumma cover artwork. Paying Homage to previous years artists Alexis Desaulniers-Lea and Matto Lucas. 

The selection of portrait subjects would reflect the diversity and goals of Midsumma Festival, as well as the community at large.

"These portraits are a series that I have given as gifts to friends over the past several years, an expression of thanks." - Elwyn Murray

Surrounding the portraits is a visual element that can be extended and expanded on, giving flexibility to the range of required applications.

The cover art faces

The subjects were selected in consultation with Midsumma programmers and aimed to highlight both performers and key community members. The art-style is distinct and queer-adjacent, utilising bright colours and rainbow-like gradients.

Thank you to our cover art faces (clockwise): Rainbow Chan, Stone Motherless Cold, Sally Goldner and Joel Creasey for representing Midsumma Festival 2020.

Rainbow Chan is a singer, producer and multi-disciplinary artist. Rainbow is also featuring in Midsumma Festival event: Rainbow Effect ft Rainbow Chan at Immigration Museum, 31 Jan

Stone Motherless Cold is an Arrernte Drag Artist & one of the faces of Aboriginal Pride Midsumma 2020

Sally Goldner is an educator, speaker and Trans activist. Sally is presenting her show as part of Midsumma Festival 2020: One Pan Cooking at Hare Hole on 21 and 22 Jan

Joel Creasey is a comedian, actor and TV presenter. Joel is also presenting his show as part of Midsumma Festival 2020: Joel Creasey in The Boy, George at Chapel Off Chapel 29-31 Jan

About the Artist

Elwyn Murray is a Melbourne-born Toronto-based visual artist. His creative practice combines engraving, embroidery, works on paper, video and interactive installations.


Image by Elwyn Murray based on Rainbow Chan and Stone Motherless Cold and Sally Goldner and Joel Creasey


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