AND/OR Program

Midsumma's platform for Queer AND/OR Disabled artists

Intersections, overlaps and pluralities; contradiction, syncretism and complexity. There is so much variety within the broad umbrellas of “queer” and “disabled,” and this program of works explore, articulate and interrogate who we are, and how we navigate the world, when we traverse an infinite and/or of identities.

AND/OR is a platform for artists who are queer (and/or LGBTQIA+, and/or rainbow people, and/or…) and disabled (and/or Deaf/hard-of-hearing, and/or Blind/low vision, and/or neurodiverse, and/or autistic, and/or living with chronic illness, and/or…). The program of works are disability-led and from multiple perspectives, ranging from unapologetic to vulnerable, celebratory to questioning, reflective to riotous. The artists in the program include leading companies and solo practitioners, emerging artists and iconic ensembles.

AND/OR breaks new artistic ground, shining the spotlight on our communities and centring own voices. Autonomy, expression, humour, agency, innovation, urgency, strength, access, collaboration, humility, visibility, showcase, experimentation, politics, affirmation, self-representation and more collide and amalgamate in endless recombinations. AND/OR.

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