Midsumma Pride March 2020 Marching Order

Pride March 2019 - photo by Suzanne Balding

The Order in which groups will march

Pre-March Procession
Wave A: Rainbow Aboriginal Pride & VIPs
Wave B: Youth
Wave C: Youth
Wave D: Youth
Wave E: Youth
Wave F: Access and Inclusion
Wave G: Diverse Queer Communities and Queer Organisations
Wave H: Queer Organisations, Individual Marchers, and Organisations Showing Pride
Wave I: Queer Sports Clubs and Representatives of Political Parties
Wave J: Organisations Showing Pride
Wave K: Organisations Showing Pride
Wave L: Emergency Services Groups
Wave M: Health & Wellbeing, and Representatives of Politcal Parties
Wave N: Organisations Showing Pride
Wave O: Government Affiliated Organisations
Wave P: Local Councils and Representatives of Political Parties
Wave Q: Charitable Organisations
Wave R: Organisations Showing Pride
Wave S: Cultural, Sports, and Spiritual Organisations, and Representatives of Political Parties
Wave T: Educational Institutions
Wave U: Organisations Showing Pride
Wave V: Midsumma Festival
  • 1: Midsumma Festival

How is the marching order decided?

  1. Groups are assembled together into sections called "waves" according to similar areas of interest or themes.
  2. Marchers with special needs or living with disability are placed early in the march, since a long wait or lengthy exposure to the elements would adversely affect their health.
  3. Non-queer identifying businesses and organisations showing pride are very welcome, but they do not march ahead of queer advocacy and diverse gender and sexuality (DGS) representative groups. No non-queer identifying corporate businesses (even if they are Midsumma Festival partners) pay to be a part of the march nor do they get to march ahead of queer not-for profit groups.
  4. Some placement is determined by Main Stage call times, to get artists and crew to Catani Gardens in time to perform at the post-Pride Celebrations.
  5. Some contingents request a late start time and don't mind being towards the end.
  6. Over 40,000 people line the streets to support the march each year and the march needs to be as exciting as possible in every wave, not just at the start. The final marching contingents are just as important as the first.
  7. The balance of the remaining contingents are organised based on volume of sound clashing, vehicle/pedestrian safety or significant placement history.
  8. The Midsumma team always marches last.
  9. Midsumma Festival spends considerable time curating the march to be as fair as possible and can only enter into conversation about line-up requests with non-profit queer organisations that may from time to time express interest in marching with particular other non-profit queer organisations.

Advice on how to get to Midsumma Pride March even while roads are closed for the march

Midsumma Pride March - Getting There

Accessible facilities provided at Midsumma Pride March

Midsumma Pride March Accessibility

Answers to some commonly asked questions about Midsumma Pride March

Midsumma Pride March FAQs

Maps of the Midsumma Pride March precincts and transport options for getting there

Midsumma Pride March Maps
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