Feral Queer Camp


Image: by Ezra Lurie

Explore Midsumma, seeing shows and talking about performance, with a gaggle of queer thinkers and makers

Let’s go feral!
(Feral: ‘in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication’)

Be part of a new feral cohort who will consider: how we learn (from each other) about what makes performance queer; how we talk about queer performance; how we make performance; and, above all, how we might develop a network of queer thinkers. 

Feral Queer Camp is open to anyone in the community: enthusiasts, developing artists, practitioners; people who have not (yet) had access to, or have been let down by, or have chosen not to enter into, Higher Education; in other words, anyone hungry to encounter a utopian queer curriculum largely of their own devising.

Throughout the festival, our ‘timetable’ includes shows to see together, hangout/discussion sessions facilitated by camp captain Alyson Campbell and guests, where we do some collaborative thinking about what we’ve seen, workshops and other activities. At the heart of Feral Queer Camp is gathering together a group of queer people interested in queer performance to watch it and talk about it. As a feral cohort, we supplement this by learning more about queer performance and queer theory, and we build a vocabulary and curriculum together.

Everyone 18+ is welcome to apply, regardless of experience and, believe us, if a feral queer camp appeals to you ... you are queer enough! We’d love to hear from our more senior members of the community and have a genuinely intergenerational conversation.

Applications for 2024 are now closed. Please email [email protected] for any enquiries.

To create the best camp experience there is a cap on numbers so, to help us find out a little more about you, please tell us about yourself and why you’d be interested. This can be in any format that works for you: video, a paragraph of writing, voice recording (phone is fine), a song, drawing, cartoon, scribble...

Images by Christen Tynan

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Feral Queer Camp is supported by The Victorian College of the Arts - The University of Melbourne and Rose Bruford College, London.


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