The Gender Garden

Image by Niamh Noble and Emerson Zandegu

An exhibition of earthly delights by transgender and gender diverse artists, curated by Emerson Zandegu

Step into the Garden; lush, beautiful, dark, and deep. Here, flowers bloom in colours you've never seen before.

Strange creatures take respite in the shade of ancient trees. You feel the earth's heartbeat under your feet, beneath the rich soil.

What wonders await you?

The Gender Garden is a collection of works - painting, illustration, photography, sculpture, and more - by Melbourne-based transgender & gender diverse artists, curated by Emerson Zandegu.

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English No Barrier
Wheelchair Access
Assistive Listening
Vision Rating 75%

Dates & Times

OPENING Fri 3 Feb 6-8pm
EXHIBITION 22 Jan-12 Feb | Sat, Sun 10am-5pm | Mon-Thu 9am-9pm | Fri 9am-5pm


FREE No ticket required


Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub - Loft 275

275 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe

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Hurstbridge line to Ivanhoe

Event notes


Premiere, New Work

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